When your toddler will start moving around, no matter how far, and no matter is it walking or just began crawling, it’ll need a safe space to do so. And that place must be safe not only for child, but also keep its surroundings secure, because kids love wreaking havoc all around while exploring the place. So keeping them confined to one area is sometimes necessary, thus parents will be able to do something without keeping an eye on breachy baby. So, a playpen is the main solution for holding kid back from running away out of sight.

Literally, playpens are something like set of walls or cages that’s created to hold your baby up a bit before it get out of borders, if it’s able to do so. They are often made of wood or metal and covered by soft material thus being safe for your baby. By other means they’re differing in a variety of parameters like size, mobility, and everything else. You can read a lot more about them on, while in our article we’ll give you a short guide on choosing one. You can read about specific models online, while we will analyze in detail which parameters are worth paying attention to when choosing a playpen that’ll suit you and your baby best.

What specs to look for when choosing a playpen?

When we’re speaking about playpens for a child and not thinking about its age, there are two types of them — compact box-like playpens and wall-like playpens. The latter is split in two halves though — fixed and expandable. So, to make things clear, we’ll say some more about each playpen type:

  • Compact playpens are literally a backup for a baby’s bed that’ll become a place where it can sleep, move or play. In addition to this combination of possible activities, some models have a detachable diaper-changing station that’ll be helpful for parents. Nevertheless, they lack mobility and sometimes are really heavy to move them somewhere other than another room.
  • Fixed wall playpens. Those are some kind of a fixed a borderline combined with a base and, sometimes, including  the gate. It’ll be useful for parents due to its high mobility — almost all of those playpens can be assembled and disassembled easily and be taken even outdoors, so baby won’t get dirty on grass or dirt, and won’t freeze.
  • Expandable playpens. Literally a set of walls that could be placed anywhere in a matter of seconds in whatever form you want. But even being compact and highly mobile, expandable playpens are more usable indoors then outdoors indoors due to lack of base surface.

You can find a lot of various playpens of each type over here, while we, concluding all that was stated above, will show you only one of each that may be chosen as the best by all means.

Graco Pack and Play On the Go Playard

Easily assembled and disassembled, this compact playpen is very comfortable for your baby anytime and anywhere. It includes full-sized bassinet, Graco proprietary automatic folding system and built-in wheels thus being great for travels. Furthermore, it includes carrying bag so parents will be able to carry it around even easier.

Safetots Deluxe Fabric Playpen

Being almost deluxe, this playpen is great example of fixed wall playpens. Furthermore, its design won’t allow your baby to get out or harm itself, also being compact and durable and having a soft padded mat as a base. It also is easily assembling and disassembling due to built-in mechanism.

Evenflo Versatile Playspace

This expandable playpen is really simple and is durable enough to contain your child inside until it reaches its first year. Its 65 cm height is enough to keep your baby well-protected. This playpen is spacious, having 3 square meters of free space for your kid to play on. Being basic by all means, this playpen is somewhat complex though — it has interchangeable anti-scratch indoor and stable outdoor legs


Concluding all that was stated above, there’s no absolute right pick for a playpen — it really depends on your own preferences and. You can’t go wrong with any one of them, but make sure that your decision includes other personal factors like the amount of space in your house and whether or not you value portability and outdoors use. And don’t forget about your baby, because it’s the main user.

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