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SPRINGFIELD PUBLISHES EDITORIAL GUIDELINES Being an editor, he/she should do their obligations with much devotion to improve the spirit of the journal. It is appropriate to supervise the journal strategies time to time and improving the publisher in keeping up the journal’s quality towards serving established researchers. Rules to be pursued To improve the methods […]
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When you engage a manufacturer for “Custom Rigid Boxes,” what should be the most convenient Turnaround Time for you? But wait a minute, what exactly is the Turnaround Time? Well, it is the amount of time given by a manufacturer to complete an order. It starts since you approve the proof(s) of your product(s); at […]
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The US has been named as the world’s most generous country and makes the highest donation than any other country. 2017 was considered the year for charity and philanthropist. Industrialists and individuals donated the whopping $390 billion and same year top the US business tycoons Bill Gates and Warren Buffet did not make the list […]
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What is Workflow *Workflow is defined as a “Progression of steps (tasks, events, interactions) that comprise a work process, involve two or more persons, and create or add value to the organization’s activities.” What does this mean? The key in this definition is that if two or more people are engaged in tasks that add value […]

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