Being an editor, he/she should do their obligations with much devotion to improve the spirit of the journal. It is appropriate to supervise the journal strategies time to time and improving the publisher in keeping up the journal’s quality towards serving established researchers.

Rules to be pursued

  • To improve the methods for journal forms, the editor has to look effectively for the perspectives on editorial board individuals, reviewers, authors
  • Empower research into peer audit, innovative advances and re-evaluate journal forms in the light of new disclosures
  • Article submitted for peer audit is an honored correspondence that ought to be treated in certainty, taking consideration to protect the authors and work
  • An official conclusion regarding acknowledgment, adjustment and dismissal of an original manuscript rests just with the editor. There will be no progressions or obstruction of any kind in the choices of the Editorial Board.
  • Editors ought to guarantee that every one of the articles are published by concerning the extent of the journal dependent on pertinence, respectability, logical quality, new information sources, potential intrigue, culmination, clearness and morals.

To join as Editor drop your resume at “Online Portal” or send it as attachment to [email protected]

Advantages as an Editor

  • Following one year of proper method, Editor-in-Chief will be reported for each journal dependent on their dynamic support, mastery in the field, commitment towards the Journal and furthermore their commitments.
  • We explore every one of the articles of the Editors that are published in our journals, in different long-range interpersonal communication bunches from our end, expanding perceivability for their works.
  • Editors can be recognized as senior editor in the concerned journal dependent on their dynamic interest and furthermore dependent on their experience.


Every Associate Editor of the Editorial Board assumes an imperative job in keeping up the journal measures and peer audit. Generously pursue the rules underneath for Associate Editor.

Rules to be pursued

  • Aid initiatives to instruct scientists and youthful researchers about publication morals.
  • Associate Editors can audit submitted original articles dependent on their practical time, if time doesn’t permit evaluating the composition Editors can recommend different reviewers.
  • Associate Editor will care for any confidential information with respect to the undertaking. On the off chance that the author has utilized data of real people in any of his medical or scientific records, the Editorial Team must search for composed assent from the person for the record to meet all requirements for publishing.

Publication board individuals are generally free to give their significant proposals for authoritative advancement for journals.

Advantages as an Associate Editor

  • We explore every one of the articles of the Editors that are published in our journals, in different long-range interpersonal communication bunches from our end, expanding perceivability for their works.
  • Editors can be recognized as senior editor in the concerned journal dependent on their dynamic interest and furthermore dependent on their experience.
  • Journals thinks about Editorials as a note to the youthful specialists and researchers.

To join as Associate Editor drop your resume at “Online Portal” or send it as attachment to [email protected]


The job of the reviewers alongside the support of Editorial Board Members is significant in making a decision about the quality of submitted articles through a peer review process. Springfield Publishers attempt an endeavor underwrite high caliber and novel distribution. In view of their research experience and ability, the Editorial Board Members are mentioned to review the submitted articles and research works, as they are capable for achieving peer audit process themselves


  • Reviewers ought not reveal the data in the composition except if it is published and should regard the classification.
  • The data in the original article ought not be utilized by the reviewers for their very own advantages and should not impart to another association or person.
  • Reviewers at Springfield Publishersare relied upon to acknowledge to review the composition just if they have ability in the concerned subject and are sure to give precise evaluation and suitable report.
  • Companion Review Process ought not be affected by the nationality, root, religion, sex and so on of the authors for example there ought to be no discrimination while performing the peer review process.
  • Reviewers ought to advise the Editor quickly on the off chance that they find that the original article isn’t special and copyright infringement free.
  • It ought to be quickly educated to the Editor if the reviewer finds that the original article previously been surveyed by them for some other journal.
  • Reviewers are not permitted to contact the authors without the authorization of the Editor.
  • Reviewers should answer to the Editor if there is any sort of unfortunate behavior in the original article.

Contact With Us

Springfield Publishers address

Below are the other contact information of Springfield Publishers.

24/7 Phone

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Caravan Repairs: Do’s and Don’ts


It’s not uncommon for caravan owners to experience repair mishaps on their adventures. As a caravan owner, you should know how to handle different situations as they arise. Can you repair the vehicle yourself or you need repairs from a certified caravan repair company? To answer this question, you must understand the dos and don’ts of caravan repair. Let’s discuss them one by one:

DOs of Caravan Repairs

Fix Caravan Lights

You can fix the indicators or brake lights on your vehicle; this doesn’t require professional assistance. First, check for any loose connections. If you do not find anything, the next step is to check the fuses of the bulbs. You’ll need a multimeter, an extra wire, cutters, and spare bulbs or fuses to carry out caravan light repairs.

Check and Fix Rattling Sounds

Once you figure out where the loose parts are ‘on and under’ the caravan, you can easily fix the problem. Often, the jockey wheel is to blame for the noise, so it would be wise to check that first. Be sure to keep necessary repair equipment on hand to repair any loose and noisy caravan parts as they arise. These would include grease, cable ties, a bungee cord and so on.

Fix leaks in awnings

You can fix leaks in awnings by simply covering the affected area with an oily rag. Additionally, you may patch the leak with duct tape as a temporary solution until you get the awning sewn and sealed properly.

Fix a small tyre puncture

If you remain vigilant in monitoring the tyre pressure and keep an eye out for cuts or bulges, you’ll know if there’s a problem with the tyres of your caravan and when to carry out repairs. You’ll need an air compressor and some tyre plugs for tyre repairs.

DONTs of Caravan Repairs

Do not change wheel bearings

Although you can keep an eye on the condition of the wheel bearings, you shouldn’t attempt to change them. If you think the wheel bearings will not last long, contact an experienced caravan repair company to carry out the repairs.

Don’t change brakes yourself

Keep a close eye on the caravan’s brakes; however, it is advisable to let a caravan repair company carry out a detailed inspection and any repairs. Furthermore, caravan electric brakes maintenance should be done by professionals only. Make it a priority to visit your mechanic for caravan electric brakes maintenance before your road trip.

Do not fix problems in the gas system

Never attempt to fix any problem in the caravan’s gas system. You should only monitor the system closely and if you find a leak, contact a reliable caravan repair company right away.

Do not interfere with the electrical system

Always engage licensed professionals for the maintenance and repair of a caravan’s 240-volt system. If they recommend changing electric brakes or any other electric component, do not delay the replacement. It is for your own safety, as well as others on the road.

Tips for Preventing Repairs

  1. Follow your caravan electric brakes maintenance schedule
  2. At each rest stop, be sure to closely inspect the vehicle
  3. Make sure the water lines and water tanks are protected
  4. The trailer wiring plug should be plugged in to ensure its protection

Monitor tyre pressure and change tyres before a long trip

How to get a Faster Turnaround Time | Custom Rigid Boxes

When you engage a manufacturer for “Custom Rigid Boxes,” what should be the most convenient Turnaround Time for you? But wait a minute, what exactly is the Turnaround Time?

Well, it is the amount of time given by a manufacturer to complete an order. It starts since you approve the proof(s) of your product(s); at this moment, the real turnaround time starts. The deal is formally finalized between you and the supplier. Now the duration which supplier consumes in the production till the delivery of products to your destination is called Turnaround Time.

I have seen people frequently complaining about the miss commitments in a given turnaround time. Continuous delays in shipment of the products, ruin the whole purchasing experience and sometimes cause a big blow to the customer.

How can you secure yourself from such a situation? Following guidelines is the proven way to avoid such happenings.

  1. What is the Most suitable Turnaround Time?
  2. Ask for Turnaround Time
  3. Production Capacity of the Manufacturer
  4. Reasons behind slow Turnaround Time
  5. Ask for a better Carrier

What is the Most Suitable Turnaround Time?

It is your decision. You have to determine how many days you require to receive the product in your hands. It is always better to have some manufacturing lead time in the very beginning; for example, you need the boxes after 20 days, ask the supplier for ten days. As you don’t know, there can be any mistake come up, error in the production process, or out of nowhere, a shipment delay can create problems for you.

Mostly Turnaround times are mentioned on the home page of the vendor’s website.

Suppliers will more likely go with their production schedule or will try to work according to their comfort zone. Tell your priorities to them. They will follow your timeline. Yes, the situation can be different in a particular scenario. If the production order is significant, mighty, then the Suppliers can take more days as they need excessive time to complete the job and ship. So, it is better to be on the safe side. Plan the production with additional days in mind.

Ask for complete Production Plan

Whenever your order is matured, promptly grab the production details from the manufacturer.

Collect the info, i.e., how many days it will take to manufacture your boxes, what will be the exact Turnaround time, etc. Inform beforehand that you are willing to extend the duration of the Turnaround time or not, this will help you a lot.

I have seen a lot of buyers who pay less attention to Turnaround time and don’t consider it pivotal. Eventually, they get annoyed. 

Production Capacity of the Manufacturer

Stating the Turnaround time indicates the true Production capabilities of the Vendors. If they have a small set up, they will take more time to produce your products. The vendor with a more competent unit can provide your order on time, and you get a better Turnaround time.

Turnaround time also discloses the real picture of Suppliers; whether they are genuine Manufacturers or they by themselves are outsourcing the boxes, it will be all cleared through the given time.

Reasons Behind Slow Turnaround Time

If the suppliers are not giving you a prudent Turnaround time, they are not proficient enough. Don’t waste your time on them, get another one. As, with the latest enhanced capabilities and automation throughout in manufacturing, has well-enabled Suppliers to meet your desired time.

I am not saying that you will get your products within two days, actually, it depends. Normally a shipment gets ready between six to twelve days max. Choose your supplier wisely. Sometimes they also pose as a manufacturer. But usually, are trading people or a bunch of middle-men. A facilitator might not be an ideal source to lend your production.

Ask for a better Carrier

 My practice to judge the Suppliers is from their choice of Carriers. If they are picking an unknown or insignificant carrier, it means they are low-level Vendors. A good delivery service reveals the rank of Suppliers. If you notice that it’s an unfamiliar Shipping Company, then ask them to catch a better carrier.

DHL or FedEx are amongst the suitable ones. They have a better aptitude for handling the cargo with sound security measures. They also offer less shipping duration.

Was this blog helpful? If you have any questions concerning the blog or you have any queries regarding custom rigid boxes, mail me. Anytime. I would be happy to provide easy clues.

Source: https://www.sleekboxes.com/blog/custom-rigid-boxes-for-beginners-2/post/how-to-get-custom-rigid-boxes-in-low-minimum-order-quantities-33


Giving Trends for Nonprofit in USA 2019 | iConnectX

The US has been named as the world’s most generous country and makes the highest donation than any other country. 2017 was considered the year for charity and philanthropist.

Industrialists and individuals donated the whopping $390 billion and same year top the US business tycoons Bill Gates and Warren Buffet did not make the list in top 10 donors. Find here the top 10 most generous the US donors.

The US has seen the year on year growth and recorded a 4.1% growth in 2018 and crossed $400 bn donations first time in history. A charitable donation is not like raising funds for your favorite non-profit organizations, but a philanthropist can donate best items to charity, sponsor the programs and events of charity.

participate as a volunteer for the charity or support in any manner as possible.

Factors that will impact the US philanthropy in 2019

Economic Factors

The trends showing a slowdown in the US market that probably will affect giving trends in 2019 and hit the philanthropists and especially influence small givers.

Corporate Sponsorship

2018 was good for nonprofit charities as many big corporates tied up with the charity to sponsor their programs and causes. North America alone contributed a whopping $24 billion in philanthropic works. This is the positive trends in the industry that a charity can leverage.

Corporates partnership with nonprofit charities to carried out social activities in the region. Corporates are supporting the charities not by just by donating funds but also by sponsoring the charities’ events, programs, cause; donated products to auction; employee-driven fundraising events; and volunteering activity.

Growth of Online Fundraising

Philanthropic or charitable works are not limited to a region by an individual but now one can use the online platform to donate. Online giving has seen a staggering 12.1% growth over 2017.

Social Media

Social media is playing an important role to create awareness about the philanthropic works. Charities are using the platform to promote their causes, running fundraising campaigns for their live programs.

35% growth recorded in donation because of creating awareness on the social media platform.

There are some factors the charity has to consider while strategizing the social media activity for their fundraising programs in 2019. Know what charities can do in the era of social media as it has become a powerful tool for a nonprofit charity for fundraising.

Emerging Trends in Giving for Charity in 2019


Seeing the growth in fundraising in previous years; individuals, industrialists, and charities are going to collaborate for a cross-nation cause. Charities are now looking towards government and industrialists for large issues like climate change, sanitation or food for all.


The donor has the right to see where his funds are being utilized. A nonprofit charity must display all expenses on their websites. So, a user can see where the charity is spending their donated funds.

Growing concern over cybersecurity

Nonprofit business stores the millions of data and also accept the online funds for their causes. With a rise in cybercrime, a charity has to protect their data from hackers to avoid any kind of theft. Nonprofit business is now tying with technology giants to protect their data from hackers.

Mobile fundraising

Mobile has become a part of everyone’s life and millions of people are using it one daily basis and it has become center stage in all our areas and fundraising is not left out of this. The number of fundraising transactions in 2018 has seen 50% growth compare to last year and is expected to grow in coming years.

Personalized giving

Donors are now connecting to nonprofit through social media channels and sharing the heartfelt messages to charities along with making the donations.

Recent Needs for Nonprofit

In the light of uncertainties due to the implication of tax reforms, the charity has to clear on their strategy and thoughts and look for other demographics also.

Nonprofit organizations have to come up with the best fundraising event ideas to engage the existing donors and find a new one.

Organizing Fundraising Events

Nonprofit must organize fundraising events regularly, it not only retains the regular donors but also helps to get new donors for your cause. As per the study, 56% of donors regularly attend fundraising events. It is a traditional method of engagement with donors and still effective.

Fundraising events could be networking events, charity auctions, training events, galas, etc.

The purpose of a fundraiser is to raise awareness about a cause and build a support group for the cause.

A regular traditional event and social media activity by charities can encourage volunteers to join in organizing the events or make the donation for the causes. Nonprofits have to share success stories or videos/images of their recently concluded volunteer activity, programs, social cause to connect with donors.

Nonprofits need to get creative and come up with innovative fundraising event ideas for better engagement.

Find Best Charities to Donate

Before making any kind of charitable donation to an organization, you must have to research about the best charities. One needs to research the charity based on how much money they are spending on marketing, spending on employee salary, spending on programs, programs & causes success, and are they sharing all their expenditure on their website for clear transparency. Donate

Best Charities to Donate to in USA 2019 by iConnectX

Global Giving Foundation Inc

International Oasis

LLEM International Inc


Wildlife Conservation Foundation

Michigan Council of Women in Technology

Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation

Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley

Read Urdu Novels Free At Urdu Novels Point

As most of the people love Urdu books, Urdu poetry and classic Urdu novels, there is dire need of Urdu libraries. What if the whole library will come to your mobile device and you can access it from anywhere and anytime. In addition, it has an awesome collection of Urdu novels and afsany. It means all the Urdu literature at one point. Here I am presenting my favorite app for Urdu books reading, all in one the Urdu Novels Collection.


As far as the Urdu novel’s collection is concerned, we have the formidable storehouse of your favorite novels. Let’s have a look at the exquisite features of this novel reader app:

  1. Responsive and easy-to-understand interface
  2. Unmatchable collection of Urdu novels
  3. Encompasses all renowned and famous Urdu writers
  4. Easy and fast novel downloads
  5. Users can search by
    → Novel’s name
    → Author’s name
    → Category
  6. User can follow the book where he left with the help of “Bookmark feature”
  7. Users can have Multiple Bookmarks.
  8. Smooth navigations with left and right buttons
  9. Offline and Online reading option
  10. Classic Urdu novels at one point
Read Your Favorite Novels Now

Urdu literature continued to develop in both India and Pakistan. At the same time, this literature acquired distinctive features in each of these countries owing to their different courses of historical development. Consequently, it has become the first choice when it comes to Urdu Novels Point: Free Urdu Novel Collection reading for the fans of literature and Urdu Books. So download now this free app for best Urdu afsanay and be the ultimate reader. Happy Reading!

How Work Flows Naturally When Context Is Clear!

What is Workflow

*Workflow is defined as a “Progression of steps (tasks, events, interactions) that comprise a work process, involve two or more persons, and create or add value to the organization’s activities.”

What does this mean?

The key in this definition is that if two or more people are engaged in tasks that add value to an organization’s activities, then that is workflow.

For example, if you are a customer service agent, your workflow may involve receiving customer questions, complaints, and occasional compliments through email, social media, and phone. Then, resolving those issues after discussing possible solutions with the customer and other team members in the organization.

What Causes Barriers in Workflow

The workflow looks different in every industry, but the importance of maintaining a consistent workflow remains. The trouble is that workflow can be hard to create, and many factors can get in the way of maintaining a consistent flow.

There are tons of factors that can get in the way of a workday that flows smoothly. One of these factors that get in the way of true workflow is poor communication. Poor communication comes in many forms. Work especially does not flow smoothly when employees aren’t provided all the information they need to take action on the task at hand.

For example, imagine a customer service representative receives an inquiry about the sale price of a product via email from a fellow coworker without being provided complete information on the product. The customer service would have a multitude of questions that would lead to back and forth conversations between the coworker who asked them and themselves.

What product is the customer inquiring about? What location do they live in? When did the sale occur?

The customer service representative would not be able to answer the question before asking the coworker for more details. This leads to a bottleneck in workflow due to poor communication caused by lacking context. Now the time has to be spent unraveling the question to find out what this customer is actually asking about. Only then the representative can provide the correct answer to help the customer. 

How Context Helps Clear the Bottlenecks

Normally to resolve such issues the customer service representative may email the coworker back asking what they were specifically inquiring about. The coworker would then reply back to the customer with more information and forward the original inquiry from the customer in need. Now since the customer service representative understands the original question from the customer, she can directly answer the question without asking any additional questions. The original customer email in this example provides the needed context, and in turn, solves the issue in communication.

Now you may be thinking to yourself that this was just poor communication by the coworker who didn’t send all the information in the first place. Well, you’re right! It was poor communication. But, events like these happen every single day! So how can we fix this reoccurring issue? Using combined communication apps is one way to start! 

How Clariti Enables Smooth Workflow

Clariti is one application that combines chat and email in a single web-based platform. Users can set up their existing email accounts with Clariti and even import emails from the other email client.  Users can then add their colleagues as contacts in Clariti and chat with them. This way with Clariti if the customer service representative and coworker in our example was to use Clariti, the coworker could have simply started chatting with the customer service representative from the customer’s original email.

This would have completely eliminated the need to forward the email, and to have a long separate chat thread about this one simple question. When the original email was separated from the chat, the customer service representative may not have known which email the coworker was referring to. However, when chat occurs directly from the original email, there is no confusion! The context is always clear and there is no need to get into a communication circle. 

When the context is clear, there are no bottlenecks in communication and work flows naturally. Clariti enables a smooth workflow through context-based communications.

The answer to workflow is really simple. Use a tool that can assist in making your workflow! Clariti can be a great tool to try. Sign up for free here and start having more efficient work days!  


In fact, no.

In fact, no.

Laser hair removal prevents new hair growth by heating the hair follicles. This inhibits hair follicle growth. When the hair grows out, they are lighter, thinner, and less numerous. But after a few treatments, the hair will be significantly reduced. In general, home laser hair removal machine works great for people with light skin and dark hair.

Buying your first home? Here’s how to invest wisely

If you plan your investment wisely then you can easily plan and arrange the requisite funds needed for your first home.

Buying your first home is an emotional decision and comes with many financial responsibilities. Arranging funds from different sources is no easy feat. Although, home loan can be a ladder to fulfil your dream owning a home, but you have to arrange funds for the down payment, which is a substantial amount. For instance, the property that you have chosen is INR 50 lakhs. Usually, banks may offer 65%-75% of the property cost. Even if the bank offers 80% of the property value then you still have to arrange 20% of the funds i.e. 10 lakhs (20% of INR 50 lakhs) as a token money from your own sources. The home loan will start once all the property papers are approved by the bank and the initial payment is done. Mentioned below are some of the investment funds that can help you arrange funds wisely:

  1. Invest Early

Investing in early stage of your career is not only a wise decision but can help in accumulating wealth for the down payment of the property. There is also an advantage to buy property in early stages of your career as bank can give long payment schedule to pay your home loan i.e. up to 30 years. Therefore, it will help you to reduce your EMI load during the initial years. Also, the power of compounding in your 20s or 30s can help you build a corpus without taking unnecessary risk.

  1. Investing in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are long-term investments, typically 5-7 years. You should start an SIP in 20s to enjoy the power of compounding. This amount can also help you to pay the down payment. You can achieve a return up to 15%, if the portfolio has been diversified among various schemes offered by mutual funds. For instance, if you are investing INR 16,000 via SIP in equity mutual funds every month and the return is of 15%, then you can accumulate a corpus of INR 9.2 lakhs.

Also read: Top funds that made it to the top 5 list

  1. Invest for your future EMIs

Apart from saving for your down payment, you should start paying EMIs as soon as the home loan is started and do not delay as the banks are charging an interest of around up to 8.5% per annum. A wise decision will be to invest in mutual funds, that can give returns up to 10% per annum while keeping your EMIs for longer duration. Use the corpus to prepay your home loan earlier than its actual tenure.

  1. Use PMAY-CLSS benefit

Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY), you or any family member can avail this scheme in the country and will be eligible, if they haven’t bought any home in the past. Under this scheme, you will be entitled to het upfront interest subsidy from the government, that reduces your EMI burden. Another important point to note that you will still qualify for this scheme even if your parents have a home in the country. However, loan over the specified limit is not considered for this benefit.

5 investment savings which can provide more than 8% return

In an emerging economy wherein the inflation rate is growing by 6%, investing money in traditional saving schemes is a sub-optimal strategy. As inflation is eating the returns accrued from the investments made in varied asset classes. If the returns are less than the inflation rate, then you should revisit the investment strategy and consult a financial advisor. Some of the options that can deliver more than 8% are:

  1. Fixed Deposits (FD):

Even though most of the PSU and private banks are offering FD rates up to 7.5%, there are newly launched banks which have introduced 8% returns on the investments. In order to lure more consumers to open the account in their bank, these banks are offering an attractive rate of interest with no prepayment penalty charges. As the monies invested in fixed deposits are secure and fixed, many people opt for these traditional savings. For instance, Axis Bank offers 7.4% interest rate 1 year 5 days < 1 year 11 days’ tenure. Do remember that the FDs are fully taxable and tax totally depends upon your income tax slab.

  1. Company Fixed Deposit:

These fixed deposits are similar to other FDs offered by banks. These FDs are beneficial for those investors who are looking to invest for a fixed period of time, with a little risk. Although, the returns are secure, but, at times, there are serval companies which have defaulted in repaying the amount. The returns are also on the higher side compared to bank FDs. For instance, Mahindra Finance’s FD scheme offers 8% for 20 months, 8.5% for 27 months, and 8.75% for 33 months. Similarly, Bajaj Finance, fixed deposits provide a lucrative interest rate of 8.40%. Do remember to check the credentials of the company before investing in such products as the company will be unable to repay if faced with any financial difficulties.

  1. Non-convertible debentures (NCDs):

The NCDs are beneficial for investors having moderate to high-risk appetite, looking to invest in fixed income schemes. There are several NCDs schemed launched by companies such as Indiabulls, TATA Capital, Edelweiss group offering an interest rate up to 9% per annum. You should consider the credit rating, liquidity and financial condition of the issuer as the issuers having lower credit ratings have high default risk. So, they pay a higher interest rate to the investors. Although, NCDs are traded on stock exchanges, but have low liquidity. Any unforeseen circumstances may lead you to sell these NCDs at a discount rate so it is always advisable to wait for the maturity time.

  1. Mutual Funds:

Many equity funds offer double-digit returns depending upon the market cycles. But, large-caps, multi-cap, midcap, small-cap mutual funds offer more than 8% return on investment, if invested wisely and regularly via SIP or lump sum. However, the returns do not guarantee returns, but most of the large caps do deliver more than 10% return on investments. In simple terms, higher the risk, high the reward/return. Even a tax deduction of 10%, these funds do offer attractive returns to investors. You should diversify your mutual fund portfolio to gain maximum in the volatile market. A bias for large-cap equity fund and Hybrid equity funds in current times of volatility can give a higher return in the long run.

  1. National Pension System (NPS):

Investors who are looking to invest for their retirement (60 years) can consider this option. Like mutual funds, the returns from NPS are market-linked. The funds contributed by the investors are invested with PFRDA-registered Pension Fund (PFs). The amount is invested in three securities namely corporate bonds, government securities, and equities. The NPS plans have given returns more than 8% in last one year. Under the NPS scheme, you can withdraw 60% of the amount, but 40% of the corpus should be used to purchase an annuity. If the amount is less than 2 lakhs, then you can withdraw the whole amount.

There is an array of options available to get a return of more than 8% per annum. A diversified portfolio can help you generate higher returns without exposing to any financial risk. Invest regularly and keep an eye out on the opportunities to maximize returns on your investment.