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how to earn through coconut coir pith

how to earn through coconut coir pith

Coco peat is a well defined fibre got it from coconut husks. The extraction of the coconut fibre from husks gives us this by-product called cocopeat. Cocopeat is a 100% natural.This cocopeat dried in the natural sun, are processed to produce different items namely cocopeat block, coco peat briquettes, cocopeat tablets etc. Clean coir has natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties. Essar Engineer is one of the best coco peat manufacturer and coco peat  supplier in India. we manufacturing Coconut Processing Machine, Coir Fiber Machine Manufacturers, Coir Extraction Machine Suppliers,  Coconut Water Extraction Machine and also we supply all over the world. for enquiry kindly visit Coco peat is the natural, versatile and a golden fiber extracted from coconut husk. It has always been an export-oriented industry and despite the global slump, exports from Kerala remained stable and rose above the Rs.1000 crore mark over the past two years. you can get the best machinery for your coco peat from Essar Engineer. Essar Engineer is leading Coconut Processing Machinery Manufacturers, coco peat processing machine Suppliers & Exporters in India. To developing your business kindly visit

Actress Shamin Enjoying Honeymoon With Hubby

Actress Shamin Enjoying Honeymoon With Hubby:

The celebs news who get into wedlock, the next big thing which excites their fans including us, is where the newbie couple is enjoying their honeymoon?

After we saw the gorgeous couple, Virat and Anushka enjoying their post-marriage bond on their short honeymoon to Rome, we have another newly-wedded celeb couple who was seen enjoying their togetherness on their honeymoon.

We are talking about none other than the cutesy couple, Sanskaar, Dharohar Apno Kifame, Shamin Mannan and her boyfriend-husband, Atul Kumar.

The duo got married on December 3, 2017, sharing the same date with two more biggest TV celeb wedding of the year, Bharti-Haarsh and Aashka-Brent. Being an inter-caste wedding, the wedding functions comprised of nikaah cum reception.

While their wedding looks were appealing traditional outfits, their current appearance seen on their honeymoon is completely contrasting. Yes, the couple is celebrating their post-marriage togetherness by spending time with each other and having some beautiful intimate moments. Check out their pictures here:

While it seems like the destination is Goa, we also noticed one more unique thing which is, that the celeb couple seems to have a buddymoon with their friends. How we were sure of this is from the stories, Shamin herself posted on her official Instagram handle. Here are the pictures:

While we still wonder if familymoon is as fun as a honeymoon, we can surely feel that, such new concept is becoming the new hit thing among the celebs after Aashka-Brent also had their unique familymoon in India and now this newbie couple had their buddymoon.

Don’t they make such a beautiful couple? Shamin, you are truly a charmer with that fit body and no make up look.

Source: All Indian Models

Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar to get married soon?

Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar to get married soon?:

The man with Greek God looks and drool-worthy hotness, who rose to fame with theMade in India song, has been in the news quite a lot. The day his dating news made the headlines, Milind Soman has broken many hearts.

And now it seems that the 52-year-old is all set to break more hearts. Yes! He is about to get married as per reports. Sunkusmita Konwar, often referred to as Ankita Konwar, who Milind has been dating is a 26-year-old Cabin Crew Executive with Air Asia.

Milind has faced a lot of criticism and flak on social media for dating a girl half his age. To this criticism and media conjectures, he was earlier quoted as saying:

“A relationship, it’s about both the people. And I don’t consider age at all for anything — whether its relationships, fitness or health or whatever.”

To another leading daily, he was found saying:

“I don’t really bother about it all. The people who talk about it don’t really know us, so it’s actually amusing.”

And now, the wedding bells are all set to ring loud? As per reports in an entertainment portal, Milind visited Konwar’s parents last month in her hometown of Guwahati. The source remarked:

“Milind timed his visit to coincide with Ankita’s nephew’s birthday, so he could meet her friends, family and relatives, who were in attendance. Now that the lovebirds have the family’s blessings, they will solemnise their relationship in 2018.”

Speaking about their huge age gap as to if it is an issue for Konwar’s parents, the source added:

“Ankita is almost half of Milind’s age, the massive age-gap was an issue for Ankita’s family but now after having met Milind, they are ready to ignore the age factor.”

Last year, commenting on his girlfriend, Milind had said:

“The girl I’m with right now actually likes my restlessness. She accepts that I may be in one place today and a different one tomorrow, or doing one thing today and something else tomorrow. In fact, she’s a bit like that (the two live in separate cities).”

Well finally! It seems Milind is all set to marry! For those of you who do not know, Milind was earlier married to French actress, Mylène Jampanoï from 2006 to 2009.

Source: All Indian Models

9 Eccentric Facts About The Disney World One Should Know

9 Eccentric Facts About The Disney World One Should Know

Being the theme capital of the world, Orlando gloats of myriad theme parks and entertaining sites for locals and tourists. So keeping this in mind, Walt Disney beyond any doubt had some amazing plans for building the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida. Opened in 1971, Disney World came into existence, and it instantly became a worldwide sensation. With the estimated 52 million vacationers every year, Orlando offers tourists a great deal who want to visit its amazing theme parks.

Book your flight tickets to Orlando, in case you forget to book it in advance.
So just scroll down and read about more fun facts that you may never have speculated about the Happiest Place on Earth.

  1. There’s an inn suite concealed in Cinderella’s Castle that can rest up to six and has level screen TV camouflaged as enchantment mirrors. Sadly, you can’t simply reserve a room—overnight visitors are picked indiscriminately by the park every day.


  1. At the point when Disney’s Magic Kingdom initially opened in 1971, grown-up entry cost was $3.50. Today, it’s $89. But as you know, good things come with money these days.


  1. Captain Eo, the 3D sci-fi movie featuring Michael Jackson that was appeared at Disney Parks in the 90s, was coordinated by none other than Francis Ford Coppola, and created by George Lucas. The movies came back to Disney World after Jackson’s passing in 2009.


  1. The size of the whole Walt Disney World resort is 40 Square miles, or the same size as of San Francisco. Thus, it becomes difficult keeping the enchantment alive. So Disney World utilizes 62,000 employees, making it the biggest single-site manager in the nation.


  1. Each and every day, more than 200 sets of sunshades are handed over to the Lost and Found office at Disney World. Good luck finding your shades through that heap if your sunglasses disappear over in Toon Town.


  1. Mammoth turkey legs were first presented at Disney World the 90s, and turned out to be such a famous thing, that they were immediately acquainted with the other parks. More than 1.6 million turkey drumsticks are expended at the resort each year, and you can even purchase a wide range of apparatus (shirts, caps, and so on.) with pictures of turkey legs on them.


  1. Who might have thought? More than 30 tons of products of the soil are developed every year at EPCOT’s Land Pavilion and utilized as a part of the resort’s eateries and bistros.


  1. The Liberty Oak, which remains in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom, has brought forth more than 500 oak trees by means of its reaped oak acorns.


  1. 15 miles south of Disney World is the Disney Wilderness Preserve, which is a 12,000 section of land wetlands project that Disney organization got it in the 90s. Disney gives funds to reclamation and natural life keeping in mind the end goal to counterbalance the grounds affected by the advancement of Walt Disney World.

So in case you have booked your flights tickets to Orlando, Florida, make sure you take your young ones to these fascinating places. For more queries, leave your comments in the section provided below.

5 best practices for making awesome power point slides

Most PowerPoint presentations are the worst.

Far too often, the slides are text-heavy and the person simply reads them off. And while there is important information being discussed and employees have the best of intentions of listening, their minds invariably begin to wonder and boredom prevails.
Don’t let that happen. Make your presentations memorable by having awesome slides that enhance your presentation, not take away from it.

1. Keep your slides consistent.

Whatever style you pick, you want to keep it consistent throughout the piece. Having one style for one slide and then a different style for a different slide can be jarring to the audience.
Instead, one consistent tone makes the presentation flow much better. If you are doing an internal presentation, it’s best to use a branded template for your decks (and if you don’t have a branded template for your organization, make one).

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Overwhelming health benefits of beetroot

Overwhelming health benefits of beetroot

Cancer Prevention:

Anthocyanin in beetroots gives them the red colour and has strong anti-cancer properties. High amounts of anti-oxidants present in beetroots also prevent the building of cancer cells.

Heart Health and strokes:

Betaine, a natural anti-inflammatory agent, along with various vitamins and minerals including Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Iodine Vitamin B1, B2, B12 and C help in contributing towards a healthier heart. Studies show that the consumption of potassium-rich foods such as beetroots and the elimination of Sodium can reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes by 21%.

Liver Diseases:

They boost blood flow, regulate cholesterol levels and in turn provide a healthy liver. They also prevent fatty liver disease.

Fighting anemia and other general benefits:

They help fight anemia by increasing hemoglobin and detoxify the body. Beetroots slow down the process of aging and protect blood vessels from clogging. They are rich in fiber, particularly Pectin, a special type of fiber that boosts digestion.

Beetroot for athletes:

Beets provide instant energy, thus boosting stamina and are hence essential for athletes.

Children a medium of revenge

The incident that took place on Tuesday,the sixteenth of December,this year in a military school in Peshawar left not only the family members and friends of the victims in grief,but the air of sadness permeated in the heart of every Pakistani.
This incident has been the most disappointing incident ever in the history of Pakistan. Hundreds of young children who would have grown up to be successful adults;who would have lighted Pakistan’s name with pride were silenced forever. It was a recalcitrant act which left thousands of parents,siblings and other family members of the victims trembling for the love of their beloved relations.

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I Spent $1800 Hiring SEO Experts And Here Is What I Learned // Learn Advanced SEO 2018

I Spent $1800 Hiring SEO Experts And Here Is What I Learned // Learn Advanced SEO 2018

SEO updates & optimization

how can you learn SEO? How do I do SEO for my website? How do you do SEO yourself? What are Google SEO tools? Where to get online sources for learning SEO? Want to learn SEO from experts?

SEO is a huge and most effective element in digital marketing today. I hired SEO professionals and spend huge money for getting higher search ranking.

Then? What I got to know after few years? Here provided what I’ve learned after spending and hiring SEO experts.

  1. Other keyword sources are better than Google
  2. Un-optimized Keywords
  3. SERP focus 2018
  4. Effective retargetting optimized keywords

These are the new things I have learned and I have just explained all the details: