What is Affiliate Marketing? and is it actually practical for you?

What is Affiliate Marketing? and is it actually practical for you?

I’m gonna skip all the BS and give it to you straight. I have simplified every thing about affiliate marketing so even a little kid could understand this tutorial. you real top to end don’t miss a word of this article.

Affiliate marketing is actually a very simple concept. Don’t be fooled through just because it’s simple because while it may be simple, in my experience, affiliate marketing is the Number one way that ordinary people like you and i can make a ridiculous amount of money on complete autopilot.

Affiliate Marketing is simply selling other people’s stuff and get commission. In this situation both sides win because whoever’s things you’re selling is profiting because they’re selling products and then you’re winning also because you’re making commissions.

Honestly the best part about affiliate marketing is the fact that it’s so simple and so practical for ordinary people. We don’t handle shipping, we don’t handle making products, we don’t handle any payments, we really don’t handle any thing. All we take care of is the marketing, hence the name, affiliate marketing.

So just to make it clear, affiliate marketing is selling other people’s things and getting commissions from that. After years of doing it, I have boiled it down to simple steps.

1- Find a product.

you can choose literally any thing, it would be a good idea to choose something you’re personally interested in, or something that you use yourself. So, to do this, you have to join the affiliate program of a major retailer. Sites like Amazon, eBay, and thousands of others all have affiliate programs.

So for our purposes, let’s say you want to use for example you want to sell makeup to money of it. And let say you want to join Amazon’s affiliate program to do this. And sell the makeup on Amazon and get a commission. What you should do is, go to Amazon.com, you would scroll down and you would find where it says, become an affiliate. Most major retailer like eBay, Amazon, and others have it an the bottom. so you can just go to the bottom and little writing, it would tell you if they have an affiliate program or not. After you go through the process and become an affiliate, you can go find the product you want to promote. You will be given a unique link for that product, that people can now click to and once they do and now they’re on Amazon.com through your link. Any thing they will purchase, you would get a commission from.

2- Find the target audience for product.

After we figured out that our product is makeup, We figure out the target audience and obviously our target audience is females.

3- Put your product in front of your target audience.

Now you have to put your link, your unique affiliate link, in front of your targeted audience. Many affiliate marketers say that the best way to go about this is to make website and rank it on Google. Every time someone googles the specific makeup that you’re selling your site would appear near the top, and then a percentage of whoever searches would click your link, go on your website and click on your affiliate link and then purchase things, and that would make you commissions.

While that does work, and obviously, people have found a lot of success with it. I found that to be pretty difficult, especially for beginners. What i found to be way more simpler, and honestly, more efficient, is to using social media to promote my affiliate unique links. For example, Instagram. you’d be surprised at how well Instagram works to promote your affiliate links.

Basically my formula for success on Instagram is pretty simple. All i do is make a page related to the niche I’m in. So in our example of makeup, I’d make a page about makeup. Then I’d post interesting content about makeup. Then I’d interact with people who are interested in makeup. So I’d go like their stuff, comment on their posts, follow them, people that are interested in makeup, and how do I know that they’re interested in makeup? I know because I can go find the followers of a famous makeup page and then interact with them.

What’s beautiful is you can automate that whole process, so literally, you would have your page interacting with people while you’re chilling. And then you have your unique affiliate link, in your Instagram bio. And then have some sort of catchy phrase to get people to click it. And what that will do is have people click your affiliate link even you’re not doing anything. and that powerful as hell! That’s means you would set everything in your affiliate link marketing business up once, and then relax while you are getting paid. You get residual commissions, month after month.

That three steps formula is very easy to follow and literally anyone can do it. I’m not saying it’s easy. Nothing in life worth having is easy. but, I am saying it’s simple. It might require work, it might require a little bit of learning, but trust me, the results are more then worth it.

One last thing that’s extremely important to know is that you can get affiliate commission for subscription based products. This means that you could get a sale, to a subscription based product meaning that it’s a product that require a monthly payment and then you get paid every single month from one affiliate marketing sale. The reason this is so powerful, is because one sale could pay multiple times. Because if you get someone subscribed to a program, and they subscribe for years, you would get paid every single month. So imagine doing that getting multiple sales, to a subscription based product. That mean you would be getting a lot of money every single month.

If you have any question or concerns, feel free and leave a comment, I answer all comments, as long as they’re appropriate.

Thank you..

How defense against Session Hijacking in an open network?

How defense against Session Hijacking in an open network?

Method 1:

Firesheep is nothing new. Session hijacking has been around for as long as web applications have been using Session IDs. Usually hackers just set their own cookie by typing this into the address bar: javascript:document.cookie=’SOME_COOKIE’. This tool is for script kiddies that fear 1 line of JavaScript.

Cookies can be hijacked if you don’t use HTTPS for the entire life of the session and this is a part of OWASP A9 – Insufficient Transport Layer Protection. But you can also hijack a session with XSS.

1) Use httponly cookies.

2) Use “secure cookies” (Horrible name, but it’s a flag that forces the browser to make the cookie HTTPS only.)

3) Scan your web application for XSS.

Also don’t forget about CSRF! (Which Firesheep doesn’t address.)

method 2.

The way it works – to my understanding – is that it simply captures all traffic and grabs the session cookie (so it doesn’t steal passwords).

From my understanding, this also means that a HTTPS secured login does not solve this alone, as further HTTP traffic would include the Session Cookie in clear text again.

Tying the session to a specific IP address is useless thanks to NAT, and tying it to the user agent is easy to spoof.

So is 100% HTTPS at all times the only way to prevent this type of session hijacking? Couldn’t people simply sniff the entire HTTPS Traffic including the handshake, or is this stuff safe? (I’m thinking of replay attacks, but have no knowledge in that area.)

Of course, not using public/open Wi-Fi Networks is the better choice, but I’m still interested what a website developer can do to protect his/her users.

Method 3

beleive SSL is cheap and a complete solution. But till you dont have it or looking for some extra layers here is how to protect your SESSIOn data.

As always defence in dept is the way to go. 1st Use Sessions to store user login data 2nd If admin logged in also check for DB, might slows a little but as there is a small number of admins and rest are users this is a feasible security plus. 3rd PROTECT YOUR SESSION <= !

Session protection: Put session start into an object file where you call an “is_session_valid()” function on self construct. This function would check for (IP / TIME / Browser) for $_SERVER superglobal, and store them in session. Up on Next load see if values are the same if not just waste no more resources logout user and show index page.

This is not a complete solution as it might be same browser on same network e.g. Wifi with lot of users and session hijacked might also be recent (in time). But till no SSL is used this is FAR BETTER then nothing. Anyhow rarely happens that the victim and the hijacker use same everything….so this effectively mitigates chances of successful attack even without any SSL!

Easy Home Business that you can earn 700 dollar

Easy Home Business that you can earn 700 dollar

Finally! Easy Home Business that Can You $700 Income Per Week Using Social Media

Automated Income

Building a ‘system’ like this takes time however, unless you ‘piggyback’ someone else’s sales funnel, which makes it faster. It takes time to learn and time to build. But it’s well worth the effort. Once you have a working ‘sales funnel’ you can simply build marketing channels to it and send more and more people through your landing page.

The main job therefore of an affiliate marketer, is to market their landing pages and send people through their sales funnel.

By creating multiple marketing methods, and ‘tweeking’ each one to cost less and deliver more, you can effectively ‘scale’ up to reach a global audience with other people’s products and services.


Getting people to your website is the first hurdle. Let’s assume you already have a sales funnel set up with a range of products and services laying in ‘wait’ for your customers. Getting people to your website can be done instantly with paid for advertising or, over time with content marketing. Content marketing takes time, paid for advertising cost money. Depending on which one you have more of will determine your initial marketing strategy.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is one way to promote your website. By writing content which is appropriate for your target audience, you can get found on Google and through social media. As people share your content on social media and around the internet, your presence grows. More people land on your website, subscribe to your emails, and you make more sales. This is the ideal scenario. By sharing your articles and linking back to your website you can generate an automated flow of website traffic which turns into paying customers.

Paid For Advertising

Paid for advertising is the fastest way to get people to your website or landing pages. It is like turning on a ‘tap’ for traffic. By starting small and slowly raising your budget once you see that your campaign is profitable, you can eventually turn up the ‘tap’ and turn up your profit.

It obviously costs money to use paid for advertising. In the first instance you should be very careful and make sure you know what you are doing. Expect to lose money at first. Test everything in your advertising campaign. When you have found a campaign which works and regularly produces more in sales than it costs in advertising fees, you are in a position to start increasing your budget. Paid for advertising is a great form of online advertising. It allows anyone with a laptop and internet connection to advertise globally and set a suitable payment for almost any budget.

Choosing The Right Products

Affiliate marketing lets you choose almost any product online and promote it. Providing there is a suitable affiliate program for you to use, you can sell almost anything online. This is a double-edged sword. Not all products are created equal and you can waste a lot of time choosing and promoting the wrong products. If you are going to take your internet business seriously, you need to make a serious income from it. Don’t dabble!

Some products will only make you a few pence on a sale. Don’t use these products! Choose instead, products which give you income for the lifetime of a customer. This means using products which reward you for monthly and ‘back-end’ sales. Using this model is far more effective than selling online ‘one hit’ wonder products where you only make a single commission. Monthly commissions let you make an income from each sale, rather than just a single commission. Back-end products are ‘add on’ products which are offered to existing customers. You should also take advantage of high end products and built in sales teams for maximum benefit.

Get The Right Training

Everything comes from your understanding. Your actions will be based on what you know. Unless you get the right training with an online business, there is plenty that can go wrong. It’s well worth, therefore, investing in your online business education from the start. If you think about this as a long term business which can eventually set you free from a job and allow you to work independently from anywhere in the world, you will see the value in this. If you want to ‘dabble’ and try to learn from your own mistakes with an online business, it will take you much longer and you may never achieve it.

Patient Portals healthcare online application.

Patient Portals healthcare online application.

Patient Portals are healthcare-related online applications that allow patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare providers, such as physicians and hospitals. Typically, portal services are available on the Internet at all hours of the day and night. Some patient portal applications exist as stand-alone web sites and sell their services to healthcare providers.


E-visits may soon become one of the most commonly used options of patient portals. The most likely demographic for uptake of e-visits are patients who live in remote rural areas, far from clinical services. An Internet session would be much cheaper and more convenient than traveling a long distance, especially for simple questions or minor medical complaints.

Providing a route that does not require in-person patient visits to a clinic may potentially benefit both patients and providers. Many organizations find that overall utilization drops when e-visits are implemented, in some places by as much as 25%. This makes e-visits a very interesting proposition for insurance companies, although few actually re-imburse for them currently. E-visits, with the proper functionality, also allow the patient to update their allergies, vital signs, and history information.

How will technology transform healthcare by 2040.

How will technology transform healthcare by 2040.

There are few places where information is more crucial than in the healthcare industry, where data, and misuse of it, can literally mean the difference between life and death.

As of a matter of fact, healthcare data is flowing from everywhere: social media/web data, machine2machine data, transactional data, biometric data, genomic data, human-generated data… Just imagine what you would be possible if you could set up interoperability between data flows to deliver a unique, collaborative flow enabling live analytic learning in various areas.

Here are 4 great areas where data tech can rock healthcare:

– Care coordination would be made possible with tools allowing to clean, aggregate, and transform data from numerous health IT systems.

– In a healthcare market where Value-Based Care is the dominant paradigm, service value will be maximized by building highly specific services that transform raw data into solutions for fraud detection, staffing optimization, physician profiling, customer and employee churn reduction, predictive maintenance, no-show forecasting, and much more.

– Data use will also optimize clinical care, improve patient safety, and expand potential for precision medicine, healthcare providers are sure to deliver better care.

– Finally, a great data platform can help any healthcare player to develop health knowledge and awareness, in strengthening consumer engagement, developing advanced population health strategies, and favoring open transparency.

Hope it helps!

7 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks For Your Blog

7 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks For Your Blog


The broken-third party referencing technique

I adore the broken-third party referencing strategy since it works splendidly to make one-way backlinks. The strategy includes reaching a website admin to report broken connections on his/her site. In the meantime, you prescribe different sites to supplant that connection. Also, here, obviously, you say your own particular site. Since you are helping the website admin out by detailing the broken connections, the odds of a backlink back to your site are high.

Along these lines, to utilize the broken-interface technique, first find significant sites in your specialty that have assets pages. Discover them by utilizing these hunt inquiries in Google:

  • your catchphrase + joins
  • your watchwords + assets
  • watchwords inurl:links

Backlinks through infographics

Infographics are a standout amongst the most prevalent strategies for conveying activity to your site and increasing profitable backlinks. They’re additionally awesome on the grounds that they’re straightforward and share. Everybody cherishes visual information, correct? That is the reason the interest for infographics has expanded extensively. Consider that powerful online productions like Mashable distribute various infographics from everywhere throughout the Internet.

Guest articles

Visitor blogging is the best approach to achieve new groups of onlookers. By distributing articles on other well known sites, you’ll get your substance before new perusers and win more introduction. Now and again, it’s not just about the backlink, but rather about expanding your online notoriety or your web-based social networking devotees.

Visitor blogging encourages you use your connections and extend your group of onlookers. On the off chance that you have questions about visitor posting, consider that even Google acknowledges visitor benefactors on its Google Analytics blog.


In the event that you are not kidding about getting more natural activity, remaining fully informed regarding your fundamental rivals’ web based promoting methodologies is obligatory. You need to keep an eye on your rivals via web-based networking media and search for their third party referencing or gaining strategies, and in addition their substance advertising techniques.

On-page Links.

Inside connections are a key factor for running a fruitful blog. They are passing connection juice, and you can utilize your stay writings. With a decent inner connecting structure, you can help clients effectively explore through your site and increment the general client encounter.

There are devices that can naturally make inner connections on your blog, particularly on the off chance that you are running WordPress, however you ought to do this physically. Microsoft’s Matt Cutts has suggested that website admins keep their number of inner connections per page beneath 100, for both ease of use and SEO.

Compose Testimonial 

A simple technique to acquire quality backlinks is to compose tributes for sites you are utilizing. You’ll spend just a couple of minutes, and you can acquire a connection from the landing page of a legitimate site. For whatever length of time that you are a client of that item, there’s a high plausibility you can get a connection in return for a tribute.

Contact writers and essential bloggers.

To get connections to your site, you need to get the message out about your business. What’s more, what preferred approach to do this over email effort to writers and influencers from your specialty? Fnding somebody’s email address can challenge, yet there’s no motivation to be disheartened.

Pakistan’s nuclear power

Pakistan’s nuclear power:

The 28th of May is celebrated as Youm-e-Takbir in Pakistan.This day is celebrated in memory of the momentous atomic blasts on the 28th of May 1998.On the 28th of May 1998 Pakistan had the honour of being the first Islamic state to attain nuclear power.
It was at 3:15pm that the atomic explosions that were a matter of joy and pride for the nation,unlike other explosions took place at Chagai.This explosion is also known as Chagai 1,while Chagai 2 took place on the 30th of May at the same place to test Pakistan’s nuclear power.These explosions were also a mode to look eye to eye with the Indians as just a few days earlier in 1998 India had also attained nuclear power by blasting five nuclear bombs,while Pakistan answered boldly by blasting six nuclear bombs.
The credit for making Pakistan an atomic state goes to Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan and this day had been named as Youm-e-Takbir by an eight year old student then, Mujtaba Rafiq and both of them are to be praised for such intelligence and devotion,dedication and patriotism.
We are proud of you AQ Khan.??

Life without Internet and Communication

We use the Internet to communicate more than ever and it’s become an integral part of any standard means of communication. So with no Internet our means of communication would have to adapt. I very much doubt we’ll be sending smoke signals, but letters would fulfill the hole e-mails left and phones would fulfill the gaps that instant messaging, chat and social media created.

An increase in posted mail and phone calls would surely benefit our local postal services and telephone network providers, but what we loved about the Internet was that communication was free!

So it’s a possible exaggeration to assume we’d all crack out the pens and paper, start licking stamps and calling everyone we know. Further more we would probably resort to basics, that remain free and simply go ‘talk’ to friends and family.

I Am Pakistan

There are many stereotypical images these days among st Pakistani nationals and foreigners about the people of Pakistan being corrupt, criminals, uneducated and extremists.

In other words they say that  Pakistan is a bad country. However, I do not only feel indeed I can claim that this is not Pakistan.

Pakistan comprises of versatile, talented and peaceful people who aspire to do great things for the nation. Pakistanis are not corrupt, hypocrites or criminals;in fact they are the people who devote their lives for the well being of the country.

Thousands of times the question “what is actually Pakistan” arose in my mind. The answer to this is that I am Pakistan, our countries youth that works hard to succeed,our teachers who serve the nation by spreading their knowledge,our parents who rear great children that light Pakistan’s name with pride and our loyal soldiers are Pakistan.

Pakistan is the largest and best producer of hand sewed footballs producing 40-60 million footballs a year,which is 50-70% of the total production of footballs in the world Brazuca the official football for FIFA 2014 was made in Pakistan.

The world’s largest deep-sea  port, Gawadar is in Pakistan.Pakistan is the first Islamic country in the world to attain nuclear power. The Karakorum Highway is the highest paved international road in the world. Muhammad Ilyas who is the youngest civil judge in the world belongs to Pakistan.

Pakistan has the largest canal based irrigation system in the world. Inspite of the general perception that Pakistanis do not contribute to saving lives,Pakistan yet has the largest running network of ambulances. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world.

K2 that is the world’s second highest peak is located in Pakistan. Khewra salt mines are the world’s second largest salt mines producing 350,000 tons of salt per year.

The world’s ninth-largest subtropical desert is located on the border of India and Pakistan. Shandur Polo Ground is the world’s highest polo ground also known as”the roof of the world “.

In the past five years Pakistan’s literacy rate has grown by 250%;this is largest increase in any country to date.World’s youngest certified Microsoft experts; Arfa Kareem(late) and Babar Iqbal are Pakistanis.

Pakistan has the sixth largest military force in the world. Pakistan’s national anthem tune ranks first in the top three tunes of the world. Fourth largest broadband internet system is in Pakistan.

Pakistan is notable for having one of the best trained air-force pilots in the world. The highest railway station of Asia is in Pakistan.

The first PC virus was created by two Pakistani brothers; that is not to be proud of, but the pride lies in the fact that they had the brains to do so. Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan hailed as the most important Qawwali singer of the twentieth century.

Pakistan has the world’s seventh largest pool of scientists and engineers. The Shah Faisal  mosque in Islamabad can accommodate 100,000 worshipers.

Air Commodore MM Alam (late) has a world record of shooting five planes in less than a minute.The fastest woman runner of Asia Ms. Naseem Hameed is a Pakistani national.

These remarkable people and facts are Pakistan. This height and this greatness is Pakistan and these are the facts that every Pakistani should be proud of. I feel that being labeled hurts, but the only label with which you and I both feel pride with is “Pakistani “.

Pakistanis are not the ones who blasted ASP, Pakistanis are not the ones who blasted the Jinnah International Airport(Karachi), they are not the ones who murder.They are not venal,in fact the ones who do all these brutal deeds are not Pakistanis, but terrorists and even if they are living in Pakistan they are not to be called Pakistanis.

I feel that all Pakistanis are soldiers,some with and some without a uniform and all of them are struggling hard to make this country as pure and as good as gold.Our forces, our teachers, our parents and even our farmers who work on fields day and night and perspire to provide their country with a handsome revenue are to be appreciated.

Our brave nationals Rashid Minhas Shaheed,Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Aitizaz Hassan Shaheed and many more who gave their lives for the sustenance of this country are to be saluted.

There is a vehemence of belonging and patriotism in every Pakistani that takes them and Pakistan to the roads of success. I wish that all terrorism and corruption is obsolete from Pakistan so that it may be recognized as a peaceful country which it actually is but, because of some people it’s true image is being obscured.