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Caravan Repairs: Do’s and Don’ts


It’s not uncommon for caravan owners to experience repair mishaps on their adventures. As a caravan owner, you should know how to handle different situations as they arise. Can you repair the vehicle yourself or you need repairs from a certified caravan repair company? To answer this question, you must understand the dos and don’ts of caravan repair. Let’s discuss them one by one:

DOs of Caravan Repairs

Fix Caravan Lights

You can fix the indicators or brake lights on your vehicle; this doesn’t require professional assistance. First, check for any loose connections. If you do not find anything, the next step is to check the fuses of the bulbs. You’ll need a multimeter, an extra wire, cutters, and spare bulbs or fuses to carry out caravan light repairs.

Check and Fix Rattling Sounds

Once you figure out where the loose parts are ‘on and under’ the caravan, you can easily fix the problem. Often, the jockey wheel is to blame for the noise, so it would be wise to check that first. Be sure to keep necessary repair equipment on hand to repair any loose and noisy caravan parts as they arise. These would include grease, cable ties, a bungee cord and so on.

Fix leaks in awnings

You can fix leaks in awnings by simply covering the affected area with an oily rag. Additionally, you may patch the leak with duct tape as a temporary solution until you get the awning sewn and sealed properly.

Fix a small tyre puncture

If you remain vigilant in monitoring the tyre pressure and keep an eye out for cuts or bulges, you’ll know if there’s a problem with the tyres of your caravan and when to carry out repairs. You’ll need an air compressor and some tyre plugs for tyre repairs.

DONTs of Caravan Repairs

Do not change wheel bearings

Although you can keep an eye on the condition of the wheel bearings, you shouldn’t attempt to change them. If you think the wheel bearings will not last long, contact an experienced caravan repair company to carry out the repairs.

Don’t change brakes yourself

Keep a close eye on the caravan’s brakes; however, it is advisable to let a caravan repair company carry out a detailed inspection and any repairs. Furthermore, caravan electric brakes maintenance should be done by professionals only. Make it a priority to visit your mechanic for caravan electric brakes maintenance before your road trip.

Do not fix problems in the gas system

Never attempt to fix any problem in the caravan’s gas system. You should only monitor the system closely and if you find a leak, contact a reliable caravan repair company right away.

Do not interfere with the electrical system

Always engage licensed professionals for the maintenance and repair of a caravan’s 240-volt system. If they recommend changing electric brakes or any other electric component, do not delay the replacement. It is for your own safety, as well as others on the road.

Tips for Preventing Repairs

  1. Follow your caravan electric brakes maintenance schedule
  2. At each rest stop, be sure to closely inspect the vehicle
  3. Make sure the water lines and water tanks are protected
  4. The trailer wiring plug should be plugged in to ensure its protection

Monitor tyre pressure and change tyres before a long trip

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