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Can a PHP Development Company Survive in this Competitive Era?

The straight answer to this question is a big no. No matter how many technologies pop up or the trends that start dominating, PHP as of now certainly seems irreplaceable at web development.

3 years down the lane, PHP had started to lose its position. Disadvantages like the lack of scalability started hurting its immediate reputation. The site owners were either opting for alternatives like Python and Java for their newly owned websites. The old site owners, however, found it too difficult at immediately switching to a new platform as it demanded transformations right at the root level.

But then again it is your worst phase that offers out-of-box solutions. Frameworks like Laravel and Yii started hitting the market mandating the usage of PHP like never before. The loopholes in PHP were well covered by the incoming Frameworks allowing it to be way more scalable and flexible than before.

Server developers were looking out for PHP developers more now. In fact, the market saw a growing number in PHP Development Companies in the past few years.

Coming back to our first question, that is, if PHP will die in the coming years, the answer is again a no; now with a solid proof of confirmation. The next question is, what advantages can it offer to us in the coming times?

Advantages that PHP still possesses:

As per w3techs, “PHP is used by 79.0% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know. “ Moreover, leading websites like Facebook, Wikipedia and Pinterest would have switched to some other technology if PHP hadn’t been serving them well. Their trust speaks of its high-end abilities at handling the server.

1. Familiarity

PHP has been in, for quite some time now. Every coder who has ever worked for any website dealing at server level knows PHP at large. It will be readily managed and repaired compared to other scripting languages.

2. Immediate Availability of coders

PHP developers have grown in numbers in recent years. You can easily locate a sufficiently experienced PHP developer at your local region. Third party PHP developer companies and Freelancers can as well help you at this.

3. Easy to understand

For a coder who understands the basic languages like C# can easily capitalize on the modules and the complex algorithms involved in the script.

4. More than just a Server-side language

PHP Developers extend their abilities not only for server level scripting but also for Back-end development.

5. reducing code lengths

PHP frameworks offer code generation features that allow the coders to write lesser while streamlining the entire flow significantly.

Best competitors in recent and upcoming times

It will be too early to call any of the technologies a winner as a Server scripting language. The kinds of Node.JS, Java, Python, and Ruby are ready to take on the existing language. PHP could be replaced by various web server scripting language, but only under certain conditions.

The best example would be:

Let us suppose there is a website where the front-end is designed with React JS. In the meantime, the software stack is designed on MEAN (MongoDB+ExpressJS+AngularJS+NodeJS). At this point, it is more preferable to go with Node.JS rather than PHP. Node.JS could easily collaborate with javaScript based frameworks at the front and the back.

PHP finds itself more useful at places where the stack is LAMP or the front-end belongs to some CMS (e.g. WordPress and Joomla). As a matter of fact, most websites accept one of these two approaches; for many its both. We see reasons why PHP still stands as the first choice at server development.

Terms like Headless E-commerce have recently popped up where the front-end is powered by JavaScripts like React. Users can expect a rise of Node.JS at the server space here. But again the ease of maintenance and availability of developers makes PHP development way too easier.

Final Words

Well, that was just my perspective and data collection from various sources about PHP. I will be glad to listen from you on your views about the subject. The way you see PHP in the future and if there are chances that it could lose its space against the incoming technologies.

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