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Can a homemade solution be used to clean upholstered chairs?

You can make your own solution to clean upholstered chairs. A simple solution you can try next time is a mixture of 1-part laundry detergent with 4 parts lukewarm water. Before applying it to your upholstered chair, try it first on a small spot and see if the solution doesn’t damage the upholstery.

If solution works, you can start applying in to your upholstered chair. You’ll need a sponge to apply the cleaning mixture and a piece of cloth to try the chairs.

Before making your own homemade solution, don’t forget to check the label. Your upholstered chairs come with a tag that indicates what products are okay to use with your furniture. Some furniture can be cleaned with a water-based product, while some require dry cleaning. Then there are others that can ben cleaned by both water-based and dry-cleaning products.

Some upholstery cannot be cleaned by simple household solutions or by dry cleaning. In this case, you’ll have to seek professional help to keep your chairs clean. If your upholstery has been accumulating food stains and other grime and dirt, get in touch with www.abracadabraclean.co.uk and have their staff give your home a visit.

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