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Best Tips To Upgrade Your Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms are probably given the least consideration of all rooms in the house when it comes to interior lighting. This space has seen both, your bustling mornings and relaxing evenings. In the morning, people get ready as fast as possible for work or school. In the evening, it is transformed into a cozy and relaxing oasis where you can enjoy the bubble bath while reading your favorite book. Reviving a tired washroom doesn’t require a total overhaul. Upgrading lighting fixtures can add character and style at an affordable price. The right lighting fixture can make a statement and set the tone for the bathroom’s design.

There are different bathroom lighting fixtures to create a different ambiance. For instance, soft lights are a wonderful option to create a warm atmosphere, while bright lights are required to get ready and for cleaning purposes. The tub area, shower, and vanity all require different types of lighting fixtures, but the bathroom’s overall design needs to be stylish and cohesive.

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Top 4 Lighting Fixtures to Revive a Tired Washroom

Recessed Lights for Overall Lighting:

Ceiling mounted or recessed lighting is an ideal option for general illumination. It adds functionality and visual appeal to the bathroom while providing adequate illumination. Recessed lights create a feeling of serenity and relaxation. It illuminates the sink, shower and tub area evenly. It makes the bathroom seem larger and blends well with the ceiling and bathroom aspects. It does not interfere with the wall colors and decorations.

Pendant Lights for Vanity:

Pendant lighting fixtures are an elegant lighting option for a vanity. It can even function as ambient and accent lighting. It is a great alternative to regular light fixtures and can add a lot of function and style to your washroom. Small chandeliers and semi-flush ceiling lights can create a relaxed and romantic mood when other lights in the bathroom are turned off.

Sconces for the Tub Area:

A sconce is a wonderful option for creating a special ambiance around the tub area. It creates a soothing atmosphere which is otherwise difficult to achieve with an overhead fixture. Sleek and minimalistic sconces can be used in both transitional and contemporary washrooms.

Vertical Wall Sconces for Bathroom Mirror:

Ceiling lights in the bathroom are a wonderful choice for ambient lighting, but it’s not ideal for daily grooming and beauty tasks. Lighting from above can create shadows, splotches, and line across the face while putting on makeup, shaving or flossing. Vertical wall sconces placed on each side of the mirror can provide adequate lighting for detailed tasks.

Concluding Thoughts

Bathroom space is no longer confined to a dimly-lit room that was once reserved for hastily cleaning of the body. It is now becoming a space where people tend to spend more time. Bathroom lighting has a huge impact on the bathroom’s overall aesthetics and design. The right lighting fixtures can transform a dull washroom into a lively space. With our variety of lighting fixtures, you can transform your bathroom into a relaxing and functional refuge.

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