1. Fiver.

Fiverr is great platforms where you really can earn money ( better than Freelancer I think). A friend of mine who is working as a crowdfunding expert to support customers on Fiverr has earned roughly $7000 each month (Of course she’s an expert with years of experience). However, you should be patient on first days as orders can be worth as low as $5.

Here are my tips to kick off Fiverr:

Sell your best skills: Go through all categories and choose your expertised field. FYI, here are the hottest/easiest services on Fiverr:

Writing & Translation: Easy to commence with. As long as you are not native English speaker, then you can translate from your mother tongue language into English and vice versa.

Graphic & Design, especially logo design. Meanwhile, you should upload your designs to other platforms to raise awareness, especially among professional designers. Some of my friends submit their designs to Designs.net. Set your own price and receive 70% – 75% Commission.

Video & Animation: Again, manage to upload your video content/footage on other sites besides Fiverr (stated above). 123RF and Ponds5 are good to begin with.

User testing, typing, etc: Tasks that require time and carefulness rather than expertise.

Perfecting your own selling profile:

Have a nice description. Mention who you are, the job you offer, why have to choose you etc. so that you look like a pro

Have a catchy picture and a nice video to highlight your gig

Doing whatever you can think of (even rating exchanging) to attain the highest possible ratings for service

Actively sharing: Share your gigs on facebook, twitter, google plus and even Quora. Search Fiverr topic, ask questions and share your stories to raise awareness.

2. Upwork.

Upwork connect the best clients with the best freelancers (for their project)… profit.

Trust is the most important currency on Upwork and every feature, algorithm and best practice is designed to increase the trust potential clients have in a) the freelancer they hire and b) as a result Upwork itself.

They want to be the go-to network for hiring the best freelancers.

So, the two most important things for you to focus on with Upwork is:

  1. Building your credibility
  2. Being relevant

You build your credibility by having a killer portfolio, looking professional in your photo, communicating fully and clearly in your bios and descriptions, taking relevant tests, having a long, successful job history, getting 5-star ratings, good client testimonials, etc.


It’s simple. You have to make an account on Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online . After than bid on freelancer. If the buyer likes your working or bid than he will choose and he will pay you.

But the things are not that easy as they looks.
Most of the buyers buy services from those freelancers who have lots of experience and reviews on freelancer.

To increase the chances on getting work you can clear exams given by freelancer. This thing can increase your chances of being selected.

4. 99designs:

99designs is a fantastic crowd sourcing platform which help anyone to improve their design skills, believe me it’s better than any tutorial site across the web. The main attraction is, even if you didn’t make it to the final stage of a competition you are getting a chance to solve design challenges. It’s easy to win a contest if you are a bit creative and understand what the client says.

And if you don’t know how to start just read the designer blog for a few days and you are good to go
About the prize: if you are living in a developing country it’s plenty. With a few hours of work in front of your own PC will fill your bank account with pretty good credit

If you are lack of inspiration, read the designer profiles from the designer blog, there are designers who won their first contest after taking a hundred contests and soon a platinum designer, platinum designers are top notch and earning a good amount.


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    99design is good for fresh freelancers

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