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Beautiful modern villa design template

Modern, sophisticated and elegant, that’s what you’ll see in a basement townhouse design. In addition, the very sharp aesthetic beauty of the house is a big lipstick mark for the splendid and delicate colors of urban architecture.

If the townhouses today often choose for themselves a luxurious style. Then with the design of a townhouse with a basement of 5m, you will feel something curious. The living spaces are designed quite simply. The lines are neatly detailed with the use of natural materials and sophisticated interior design. In a split second, this 5m-fronted townhouse is transformed from very every day points to something very special.

2-story townhouse model – Reasonable choice for young couples

A 2-story townhouse is an ideal living space for families with moderate and stable income. 2-story townhouses have more space and amenities than apartments. Therefore, most young couples now choose to live in townhouses.

When asked what characteristics of a townhouse, most families responded that it was a spacious and comfortable space. Townhouses do not bring as large as magnificent villas. But it meets the most comfortable living space for residents.

The 2-story townhouse model is always the most preferred choice of the majority of young families. Contributing to embellishing the diversity in architectural design, each house’s unique feature is the simple but luxurious facade design.

Beautiful 2-story townhouses in 2019

Designing beautiful, sophisticated 2-story townhouses is one of the most prominent beautiful home design trends this year. The model of beautiful, modern 2-story townhouses ensures the functionality, aesthetics, feng shui and reasonable costs always easily conquer investors. Especially the investors owning the premises with a small area, only 4-5m frontage. Designing a beautiful 2-story townhouse, modern but still showing the elegance and class of the owner. With this collection of beautiful 2-story house designs in 2019, you will easily choose a house that suits your family’s idea.

The design of a beautiful modern 3-story villa is built on the land of 13m x 19m. Youthful modern style to keep up with the times, in line with the latest design trends. Along with the system of small garden landscapes.

With a team of experienced architects, quickly capture the wishes of customers. Update the latest design trends that have been incorporated into a beautiful 3-story modern villa. This villa is very popular and selected by many homeowners. The luxurious and new design brings comfortable living space.

Profile design of beautiful garden villas with 10m front in Hai Phong

Over the course of a prestigious and long-standing operation in the construction market, Architec Viet is always proud of possessing a team of good architects with the capacity and experience in designing beautiful villas, superficial and exam service quality. The construction of luxury villas is highly appreciated by partners.

Owning to her collection of beautiful and modern garden villas, both quantitative and qualitative, are highly appreciated by the investor. In today’s article, Architec Viet would like to introduce to you the design document of a 10m beautiful garden villa in Hai Phong. Hopefully with the suggestions that we are about to share below will help customers have more unique ideas for their future home.

Design drawings of a modern 2-story villa with 250m2 European style

The modern villa design is the style of design that many homeowners choose the most. By the generous beauty, youthful, consistent with the trend of the times. Focus on utility and bring more green spaces, in harmony with nature.

Under the talented and creative hands of Architec Vietnam architects, the modern villas are designed with classy and luxurious beauty to affirm the homeowner’s unique style. The drawing of a 2-story 250m2 modern European-style villa project is an endless source of inspiration to show the homeowner’s style. See the full set of 2-story villa designs here!

Customers wishing to design villas please contact our company immediately for the best care and advice. Architect Viet is looking forward to making your dream home come true.

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