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B2B eCommerce Marketplace Model Business With Examples

The B2B sector offers a huge opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a growing sector which is why there are high chances to disrupt or leave a mark by launching a marketplace of your niche. Companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have taken huge strides in the eCommerce arena. Their success has set a perfect example for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to take their business online using the b2b eCommerce business plan.


To Understand the b2b eCommerce business model definitely needs the characteristics which can be influential for business development and for revenue. Creating a business model isn’t simply about completing your business plan or determining which products to pursue. It’s about mapping out how you will create ongoing value for your customers.


When creating your b2b eCommerce marketplace business model, narrow your audience down to two or three detailed buyer persons. Every business has its unique approach and the specificity of the marketplace for b2b eCommerce to the respective business needs to be understood. B2B business model in eCommerce is complex and it’s only fair to categorize it under a different business model.


Supplier- Oriented Model number of supplier’s set-up an online marketplace to establish an efficient channel to sell to a large number of businesses. Buyer Oriented Model is most popular among big corporations with greater purchasing power and high-volume purchases. Intermediary-Oriented Marketplace consists of marketplaces that allow buyers and sellers to communicate and transact with each other. Each and every model is clear for the purpose of a business owner needs to identify the model be very convenient at the initial stage itself

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