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Automation with Robots


Businesses are inclining towards more simplified operations and processes, and thus practicing automation to save their valuable time on doing monotonous jobs. Robotics accompanying automation has brought a substantial change in the IT sector and is reshaping the future of the same. Taking this evolution into consideration, Luis Villalon founded Target Robotics in 2001, starting operations only by himself. Since the beginning, the company policy was automation only with robots. Luis bet for his vision of the automation. He was right, as now robotics is the main technology of automation, there is no full automation without robotics.

Target Robotics creates simple solutions, based on amazing capacities of robots. The company has the ability to develop almost all industrial processes with robots, even the craziest applications, using all new technologies on the robots, advanced functions and complex programs. Compared versus the conventional machinery, TR guarantees to reduce the system cost at least 50%, but increasing the production capacity by double, at least. For every market or industry, TR systems became the best-selling solutions for their exponential productivity and disruptive concepts.

Most Experimented Automation Company

One of the biggest challenges, and now is one of the mayor assets of the company, was to create and still conserving at professional engineers’ team. Since the beginning, Luis’s strategy was to contract young and just graduated engineers and invest on a Robotic lab to train them during the internship university programs. In the first year, the revenue increased was more than 50%, and continued like this every year, constantly for now 18 years, even in the 2009-2010 automotive industry crisis, thanks to its sales policy, which diversifies to general industry market. Today the company is the most experimented and biggest automation company in Mexico, with more than 18 years in robotics, and more than 100 design engineers.

Staying Ahead in the Competition

Target Robotics believes that as technology is moving fast, all the design engineers must be inside a permanent and evaluative training program, not only to understand and apply new technologies, but also to research and develop new methods of research. These continuous upgrading experiences maintain TR on a top competitive level.

Secondly, the company is also of the opinion that in general industries there are many customers with no robots in their production lines. They must implement automation in order to be competitive. When they decide to use robots, their people are usually afraid. TR make the system start-up and stay at the plant with the final users for extended periods, training to production & maintenance people, guide managers through the ramp up of the process to implement robots in their factory, with the challenge to introduce and convince all personnel into this new mindset, helping them to understand it and learn how to use it. This support is until the end, when everybody likes robotics. TR considers this effort of many weeks or months, as an investment, because in the near future, they will accept and even prefer robots than conventional machinery.

A Robotics Integrator and Visionary

Luis Villalon is the Founder and CEO of Target Robotics. He has become one of the first robotics integrators in Mexico by the way he leads the company to become one of the biggest and reliable robotics systems integrators in Mexico. Due to the necessity to research and develop much more robotic systems to re-invent many manufacture processes, Luis Villalon’s vision to influence not only over the industry, but also over young Mexican society is commanded by the biggest project of his professional life. He envisions starting the new TARGET ROBOTICS UNIVERSITY in 2020, where hundreds of design engineers will get the innovation, disruptive, exponential and continuous changing acknowledgment to develop robotics systems for all kinds of industries and all type of industrial process. In the coming years, this will be the origin of a research, development and manufacturing center for the new generation of robotics systems that will be competitive and exportable all over the world.

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