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I am a student of grade 10,writing is my hobby and I particularly enjoy writing about Pakistan and topics that need awareness such as education for all,honour killings and women's rights. I write all my articles at superbanswer. I am also the editor of the superbanswer Facebook page and a moderator of the superbanswer group.

5 best practices for making awesome power point slides

Most PowerPoint presentations are the worst.

Far too often, the slides are text-heavy and the person simply reads them off. And while there is important information being discussed and employees have the best of intentions of listening, their minds invariably begin to wonder and boredom prevails.
Don’t let that happen. Make your presentations memorable by having awesome slides that enhance your presentation, not take away from it.

1. Keep your slides consistent.

Whatever style you pick, you want to keep it consistent throughout the piece. Having one style for one slide and then a different style for a different slide can be jarring to the audience.
Instead, one consistent tone makes the presentation flow much better. If you are doing an internal presentation, it’s best to use a branded template for your decks (and if you don’t have a branded template for your organization, make one).

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Overwhelming health benefits of beetroot

Overwhelming health benefits of beetroot

Cancer Prevention:

Anthocyanin in beetroots gives them the red colour and has strong anti-cancer properties. High amounts of anti-oxidants present in beetroots also prevent the building of cancer cells.

Heart Health and strokes:

Betaine, a natural anti-inflammatory agent, along with various vitamins and minerals including Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Iodine Vitamin B1, B2, B12 and C help in contributing towards a healthier heart. Studies show that the consumption of potassium-rich foods such as beetroots and the elimination of Sodium can reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes by 21%.

Liver Diseases:

They boost blood flow, regulate cholesterol levels and in turn provide a healthy liver. They also prevent fatty liver disease.

Fighting anemia and other general benefits:

They help fight anemia by increasing hemoglobin and detoxify the body. Beetroots slow down the process of aging and protect blood vessels from clogging. They are rich in fiber, particularly Pectin, a special type of fiber that boosts digestion.

Beetroot for athletes:

Beets provide instant energy, thus boosting stamina and are hence essential for athletes.


Children a medium of revenge

The incident that took place on Tuesday,the sixteenth of December,this year in a military school in Peshawar left not only the family members and friends of the victims in grief,but the air of sadness permeated in the heart of every Pakistani.
This incident has been the most disappointing incident ever in the history of Pakistan. Hundreds of young children who would have grown up to be successful adults;who would have lighted Pakistan’s name with pride were silenced forever. It was a recalcitrant act which left thousands of parents,siblings and other family members of the victims trembling for the love of their beloved relations.

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Why girls should study?

A father asks his daughter
Study?Why should you study?
I have sons aplenty who can study.
Girl,why should you study?
For my dreams to take flight,I must study.
Knowledge brings new light,so I must study
For the battles I must fight,I must study
Because I am a girl,I must study.
To fight men’s violence,I must study
To end my silence,I must study
To challenge patriarchy I must study
To demolish all hierarchy,I must study.
Because I am a girl, I must study .
To mold a faith I can trust,I must study
To make laws that are just,I must study
To sweep centuries of dust,I must study
Because I am a girl,I must study.
To know right from wrong,I must study.
To find a voice that is strong,I must study
To write feminist songs I must study
To make a world where girls belong,I must study
Because I am a girl,I must study.
Note:Beautiful words that I just found and thought it was mandatory to share and hence I wrote them here.These are exactly all the reasons for which a girl should gain an education equivalent to that gained by boys.Share it as much as you can to enlighten people and I truly hope that soon there is gender equality in all societies and work fields.


Pakistan’s nuclear power

Pakistan’s nuclear power:

The 28th of May is celebrated as Youm-e-Takbir in Pakistan.This day is celebrated in memory of the momentous atomic blasts on the 28th of May 1998.On the 28th of May 1998 Pakistan had the honour of being the first Islamic state to attain nuclear power.
It was at 3:15pm that the atomic explosions that were a matter of joy and pride for the nation,unlike other explosions took place at Chagai.This explosion is also known as Chagai 1,while Chagai 2 took place on the 30th of May at the same place to test Pakistan’s nuclear power.These explosions were also a mode to look eye to eye with the Indians as just a few days earlier in 1998 India had also attained nuclear power by blasting five nuclear bombs,while Pakistan answered boldly by blasting six nuclear bombs.
The credit for making Pakistan an atomic state goes to Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan and this day had been named as Youm-e-Takbir by an eight year old student then, Mujtaba Rafiq and both of them are to be praised for such intelligence and devotion,dedication and patriotism.
We are proud of you AQ Khan.??

Forced Jobs

Forced Jobs:

Everyone may not be an academic position holder,but that does not mean that they will not succeed.

Every person has his own talents and interests and if you let him pursue his interests then he will surely succeed.
If parents do not allow their children to do what they want to do then the situation is like,that you are trying to put a person with bigger feet in a pair of smaller shoes and telling him to reach the mountain peak wearing the same pair of shoes.It is obvious that with ill-fitting shoes you would fall before you reach your destination.

Similarly if a child is interested in pursuing a different career and you try to inflict the career of your choice on him/her then he/she would not be able to succeed as the inflicted career is like ill -fitted shoes.
I feel that your job should be your passion so that it is not a burden,but a source of pleasure.A lot of corruption that is into our society is due to forced job decisions as people then become uninterested in their job and resort to the process of easy money by which I obviously do not mean the “easy paisa”,but gaining more money by doing less work through illegal means.
Please give freedom to your children and let them pursue careers of their choice,for children are like birds who if let free fly high in the sky.

Pakistan Army


Have you ever thought how you cuddle comfortably in your blankets and have a sound sleep. Well I will tell you.
You sleep comfortably because these poor soldiers are awake. Wait I must not call them poor, because they are not poor. They have the strength that known of us can possess, they have a passion that we are not even capable of thinking, they have a dream far beyond our imagination and most importantly there eyes glisten for a cause and a goal that we cannot ever reach rather most of us shiver at the name of martyrdom. But they only have two routes which both make them win “Ghazi or Shaheed”.After all this how can they be poor, but that is what I have heard on the tongues of many that say the word soldier. Poor soldier has become like a literal compound word which you cannot pronounce without that poor in the start.
They are valorous men and women whose patriotism is far beyond the realms of normal human thought. As can you even imagine how easy is it for them to give their life for the sustenance of Pakistan. Plus what keeps me awestruck is the fact that they do it just for a nominal amount of money. They leave their children as orphans to protect other children that are the future of Pakistan from being orphans.
All what they do is not their duty, perhaps we call it a duty but no, it is not. It is not their duty to give their lives for the country it is just their passion for which we must be grateful to them. Well do you not feel that if they do so much for you, you must also care for what they did and not let Pakistan’s name come down.
By Pakistan’s name coming down I mean corruption. Corruption is not only what our politicians do rather it is in every part of our environment. Let’s just begin from our school. Cheating is part of corruption and when you cheat now, which you feel to be a mere misdeed you grow up to doing bad deeds and that is why we have corruption all around. Those who take bribes, smugglers,robbers and e.t.c., all these started mere bad deeds at your age and when they continued with it, their habit became strong and they went up to doing bigger sins and crimes like all we see now in the assembly, at the police station, at government offices and other spheres of life.
Do not think that if everyone does something that is wrong so it is fine. Wrong is wrong and always remains a wrong. Just improve small things around you or rather not even around you, but in you and it would serve towards having a better Pakistan and a Pakistan that would be in the good books of everyone.
Be proud as Pakistani’s, make it your identity and feel proud of your language and country, for after all you must say being labelled hurts, but the only label with which you and I both feel proud is Pakistani.

Urdu ki afsosnak haalat

Urdu ki yeah haalat dekh kar dukh hota hai,

Bolnay ka qoumi zabaan alag he sukh hota hai,

Afsos k kam loug yeah baat pehchanay,

k qoumi zabaan ko na do peechay rehjanay,

Adbi o saqeel Urdu ka bhi apna he lutf hota hai,

Ab yeah no jawaan kya jaanay k adab kya hota hai.