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Australia's top nudist retreat hits the market for the first time

It warns criminals are starting relationships with women just so they can sell drugs from their homes.  The guidance was drafted to address the increasing number of girls and women being groomed by drug dealers.

There are no legal consequences for being listed, but companies and people on the list are barred from state loans, and it is used by private banks to gauge credit risk and by international buyers concerned about their supply chains.

“They attempted to hide what was happening,” Riga said, describing how a workers’ cooperative was being set up so that the miners would appear to be self-employed, rather than having an employer who would be liable for their working conditions.

“The owner of the machines was certainly someone very wealthy,” said Juzinskas. “Perhaps the risk (of a raid) paid off, given the profitability.” ($1 = 5.3619 reais) (Reporting by Fabio Teixeira @ffctt; Editing by Katy Migiro.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov 10 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The rescue of 39 slaves from an illegal gold mine in Brazil run by a known offender highlights the difficulty in ending crimes where large profits are involved, labour authorities said.

It could be a nature retreat, a wellness centre,’ Mr Jensen told ‘I couldn’t imagine there would be a whole lot of people who would be in the market for a nudist retreat, although the owner would dearly love to see it go to a younger person who could keep that going, bring it up even more.’  ‘It is a residential listing with a business opportunity.

Net profit at the world’s largest rubber glove maker grew 2,030% to 2.38 billion ringgit ($585.49 million) for the September-November period from 111.4 million ringgit a year ago.
Revenue rose 294% to 4.76 billion ringgit.

Under the Policing and Crime Act 2009, the word gang is defined as the activities of a group that ‘consists of at least three people; and has one or more characteristics that enable its members to be identified by others as a group’.

Ms Darke’s father would keep her in bondage with handcuffs, chains and clamps, and he would put her head in a box with a padlock on it as he carried out the rapes and shove wax into her ears, New Zealand Herald reported previously.

She said: ‘It is vital we look into the evidence behind that involvement, especially where vulnerable women and girls are concerned to assess if they have been forced or groomed into committing crimes.

Workers at the illegal mine in Paras state had to buy food and protective gear from their employers at inflated prices, Riga said, and reports indicated some workers were afraid to leave without paying their debts.

‘Just attach the sensors to the leaves of any living thing (your ficus, your fiddle-leaf fig, the fronds in your backyard), connect wirelessly to your phone, and enjoy the soothing sounds that drift out of it,’ reads the description.

Labour inspector Magno Riga said a team raided a mining operation this month run by Raimunda Oliveira Nunes – who is on Brazil’s “dirty list” of people engaged in slave labour – where workers lived in open sheds and without drinking water.

It was the third raid on an illegal mining operation run by Nunes – this time with two relatives in the northern state of Para – and her methods of disguising her crimes were becoming increasingly sophisticated, Riga said.

But the horrific sexual abuse could have stopped two years prior if Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) agents had handed over evidence to authorities that they obtained while breaking into the suburban home in late 1989 and early 1990.

The star’s guide for travelers usually includes a few choice trips — but here, for the first time in the guide, Goop seems to acknowledge that there is a pandemic going on and that most people aren’t traveling at the moment.

Nunes – who was added to the “dirty list” in April as a consequence of the 2018 raid – was not at the site at the time of the latest raid, but was identified by several workers as their boss, said Riga.

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 9 (Reuters) – Malaysia’s Top Glove Corp posted on Wednesday a more than 20-fold jump in first-quarter net profit to a record high, gay porn after new waves of coronavirus infections in recent months boosted demand for protective rubber gloves and selling prices.

For anyone sitting at home thinking, ‘The best way to end this year of economic upheaval would be to spend thousands of dollars on something no human being could possibly need,’ Gwyneth Paltrow has come to the rescue.

The ‘Forward-to-your-SO’ guide is packed with items Goop readers might want for themselves, including a $6,250 secondhand Chanel bag, $400 Alexa Pulitzer stationary, a $2,916 Linus electric bike, a $1,895 Edie Parker agate marble checkers set, and a $895 Nine Fair backgammon board.

One of the strangest — but undoubtedly interesting — items on the list is a $299 PlantWave device, which can capture and graph electrical currents given off by pants and translate them into pitch messages that play instruments.