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Are Your Nic Salts Causing Vaper’s Tongue?

At SaltBae50, you will find a larger selection of Nic Salts than in most other online or offline stores. We carefully test each flavor before it’s listed and, rest assured, we throw the “not-so-good” flavors out leaving only the best tasting e juice.

No matter how steadfast we are at choosing only the best flavors, we can’t stop nature from throwing some vapers a curveball. Vaper’s tongue is an annoying reality that some vapers experience even if they only use the best e liquids.

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

Have you ever passed a few days, maybe a week or so, with an odd feeling that a thick coating covers your tongue? The killer e juice you bought no longer tastes as bright and flavorful as it did at first. These are both good signs you’re experiencing the near-universal phenomenon of vaper’s tongue.

Vaper’s tongue won’t affect nicotine absorption or vapor production, but it will change or eliminate the taste of your nic salts e juice, but why?

Dry mouth – Your tongue holds up to 8000 taste buds. Collectively, the taste buds combine salty, sweet, sour, and bitter into one flavor. To really taste the flavor, your mouth needs hydration. Vaping, taking some medications, and smoking certain herbs can cause dry mouth and your tongue doesn’t have the saliva it needs to taste.

Flavor burnout – We trust every SaltBae50 salt e-liquid tastes fantastic and if you return to buy the same flavor, you clearly think it tastes pretty great too. However, your tongue can grow accustomed to a single flavor, which eventually leads to a dulled sense of taste, but not for the reason you’re thinking. Taste requires taste buds and your sense of smell to work together. Unfortunately, your smell sensors can get used to a scent, eventually dulling it enough to affect the taste. If you have a stuffy nose, you may notice a reduced sense of taste. This is not due to the vaper’s tongue.

What Will the Tongue Look Like?

There are no visible signs of vaper’s tongue, but you may notice signs of dry mouth. Dry mouth leaves your tongue feeling sticky and thick. For some vapers, a film of sorts covers the tongue.

How Can I Fix or Prevent It?

Because dry mouth and flavor burnout are two causes of vaper’s tongue, these are the two issues you need to fix or prevent and here’s how.

Dryness – Possible causes of dry mouth include dehydration, caffeine or alcohol consumption, and certain medications. Drink more water during the day, not just when you’re vaping. You can also cut back on caffeine and alcohol and maintain good oral health by brushing or scraping your tongue.

Nose burnout – If SaltBae50’s Blue Raspberry Lemonade or Honey Dew is your go-to, then you most likely vape those flavors every day. Your nose knows scents, and over time it will grow accustomed to them. If your nose has grown used to ascent, there is no taste. To combat noise burnout, vape an e juice that is completely different from your go-to for a bit or alternate between the two. Using the same flavor for a shorter time doesn’t give your nose enough time to get used to the smell so you don’t lose the taste.

No, nicotine salts won’t cause vaper’s tongue, but dry mouth and lack of flavor variety will. Luckily at SaltBae50, we have an ever-growing catalog of e juices including tobacco, sweet, and iced (menthol or mint). You never have to be stuck using the same flavor. Stay hydrated and add a little variety to your nic salts and vaper’s tongue is less likely to happen to you. To learn more about our e liquids call us at 603-943-8295. We have the flavors you need to stop the vaper’s tongue before it happens.

For more information about Salt Juice Flavors and Alternative E-Liquid Please visit Saltbae50.

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