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Get Distributors (Tradeindia) is B2B portal that provide online platform for both established and budding business organizations to connect with manufacturers & buyer (distributors, dealers, wholesalers, retailers). We have total 37 categories in our portal and one of which, is apparel and fashion section. In this section, the buyers, while visiting the site go through various listed apparels manufacturers, who not only provide a wide array of clothing products but also offer good profit share margin when you get associated with them. Further, you can choose any manufacturers from our listing from where you will get good profit or get benefited.

Fashion & Apparel

While choosing franchise, do make sure about these below mentioned points

  • Make it clear, whether you want to be franchisee or a small business owner

In small business, an indvidual is free of taking decision but also faces various problems & risk. Basically, you need to build name, brand, goodwill, investment from the scratch. Whereas, in franchisee business, you follow a structure, guidelines and proven business system along with some good perks. Here, main advantage is you already have a reputed brand.

  • Make sure about your financial capacity

This means, while looking for franchise opportunity, you should make it clear how much money you can invest and wheteher offered profit margin will benefit you or not.


  • Thorough research about the market

Before getting into the franchise business, you should conduct an in depth research about that particular market or industry (in this case apparel & fashion).

  • Put on your question in front of franchisors

Before availing the franchise, you should ask anything and everything to the franchisor before making the final investment. In simple terms, you must interview the franchisor and only invest when you are sure.

Business is only successful when you make profit out of it along with the expansion or otherwise it is of no use at all. Higher the ROI the chances of business existence become good.

It is very important to have the in depth knowledge about the apparel franchise.

Some key benefits of owning an apparel franchise:

1. The clothing industry avails the basic to lavish commodities that meets the demand of all age group people from varied economic background thus making it a practical continuing investment as well

2. Though fashion trends change in famous but demand for novel design & elegant elegant clothing doesn’t gets culminated

3. Merger with a well-established brand always provide a durable standing in the market thus giving the franchise a good start and also reducing the risk-factor intricate in the investment of their funds
4. Fashionable clothes are always demanded by people from different economical backgrounds, so financial differences among customer doesn’t effect the apparel business
5. You are amalgamating with the brand that already has good public presence due to the good sales advertising and rebates-all through out the year

Looking for franchise opportunity in fashion & apparel sector? Then do visit getdistributors.com, where you get options of manufacturers to choose along with good profit share variables.

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