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All the Comfort of a Fireplace Made Simple

There is something about the indoor fireplace that we simply cannot let go of. While they aren’t as practically useful as they once were, there is still something inherently valuable about having a fireplace in your home. The charm of a fireplace is very specific. Fireplaces have this association with comfort that takes a house and makes it a home. When you think of that Norman Rockwell kind of scene where it’s snowing outside and there’s a family drinking hot cocoa by a fireplace, it’s comforting. Fireplaces have the sort of antiquity and comfort that many people would love to have in their homes. Unfortunately, many people have great reasons for not having fireplaces in their homes. Some people are concerned about their children and pets around fire. For others, the idea of a drawn out installation turns them off from getting a fireplace. There are also people who are just not interested in the maintenance of cleaning a fireplace.

Traditional fireplaces come with a lot to consider. Many of them are installed by professionals and a lot of them require cleaning. Traditional fireplaces are, first and foremost, a source of indoor heat, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they do get very hot. If any of these things is a deal breaker for you, that’s okay. You can still own an indoor fireplace. Even things we love out of nostalgia can be updated to better suit our uses for them in our lives. The built-in electric fireplace is a fantastic alternative to traditional wood and gas burning fireplaces. It brings the look of a fireplace into your home with very little extra baggage or maintenance.

If you like the appearance of a fireplace in your home, but prefer a simple installation, an electric fireplace might be for you. With an electric fireplace, if you’ve got an outlet, you’ve got a fire. One of the biggest reasons why people Buy Electric Fireplaces is because they are so easy to install. You can simply plug in the fireplace and it’s good to go. All you have to worry about is deciding where you’d like to put the fireplace once you’ve got it.

Another benefit of electric fireplaces is that they are energy efficient. Electric fireplaces do give off heat, contrary to what many people think. They don’t give off as much heat as a gas or wood fireplace, but they are great for keeping a room at a controlled temperature. Electric fireplaces generally don’t use much electricity in order to work and can function as a space heater while using less electricity. By supplementing an electric fireplace for a heater in your home, you’re likely to start seeing a difference in your electric bill.

Electric fireplaces come in different styles. You can get a classic-looking fireplace that will give your home that same nostalgic feel that many people look for in a fireplace. If old-fashioned isn’t your thing, that’s okay. While the concept of a fireplace reminds us of old houses and mountain cabins, you don’t have to be committed to the classic look. There are a lot of sleek, modern designs from wall mounted to TV stand and more. Whatever your decor preferences may be, there’s an electric fireplace design that could really pull your living space together.

One last (but very important) point to make about electric fireplaces is that they are very low maintenance. With a gas or wood fireplace, something is actually being burned. This means that there inherently is going to be some residual mess left after each fire. There’s a lot of ash and soot leftover after you have a fire. This is one of the most prevalent reasons why people buy electric fireplaces. An electric fireplace doesn’t actually burn anything. So there is nothing to be cleaned after the fireplace has been in use. If the commitment of a wood or gas fireplace is daunting, there’s always a great alternative. So head on over to Embers Living and check out their enormous selection of electric fireplaces. Remote controlled and easy to use, you’ll love the look and feel without having to deal with the mess and stress!

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