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All Doubts About Fildena Cleared Here

Among the many medicines used to tackle Male Impotency issues such as erectile dysfunction, Fildena is one of the prominent options. As a user of Fildena medicine, you may have several unanswered queries. You may also want to gain more information regarding Fildena medicine and how it helps to tackle impotency issues in men. We hope to clear all those queries and doubts through this article. Read along to get better informed:

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED, is a condition in which a man fails to acquire a thorough erection during arousal. This causes dissatisfaction in relationships. There are a vast range of causes that may result in erectile dysfunction issues in men. These causes could be physical, psychological and lifestyle causes. Medicines like Fildena can only help in cases where PDE5 hormone behaves abnormally and causes impotency issues in men.

How Fildena Works to Tackle ED Issues?

Fildena is a Generic Viagra alternative with Sildenafil Citrate as its main ingredient. This constituent works as a PDE5 inhibitor and prevents the action of the PDE5 hormone for 4-5 hours. The PDE5 hormone is responsible for regulating blood to different organs of the body including the male organ during arousal. Stopping the action of this hormone is vital in cases where this hormone behaves abnormally preventing blood rush into the male organ.

Since there are many causes of ED issues including psychological issues, Fildena may not always help to ensure arousal. It is most helpful when the PDE5 hormone behaves abnormally. In cases where emotional causes are behind ED issues, talk therapy and counselling will be needed to revive potency and medicine alone can’t help.

Some of the emotional causes of impotency in men are as listed below:

  • Lack of understanding or bonding between the partners could be one of the major causes of impotency in men.
  • Men may also suffer from impotency issues as a result of taboo built by society towards intimacy or nudity.
  • Aversion towards intimacy could be another reason for impotency in men.

Medicine alone won’t work in any of the above cases and proper counselling is required to correct the impotency issues that arise.

Is It Safe to Buy Fildena Medicine Online?

One of the common queries Fildena 100mg buyers have is whether it is safe to buy Fildena medicine online. As long as you take all the measures to make a safe transaction and follow the guidelines below, it surely is safe to buy Fildena medicines online. Here are some guidelines for online buyers of medicines:

  • Always purchase Fildena medicine from FDA approved and authorised medicine retailer.
  • Buy medicines from stores that ask for a prescription.
  • Read the shipping policy carefully to know how much shipping charges will be levied to ship medicines to your location.
  • Take time to read the refund and return policy to stay on the safer side.
  • Choose cash/card on delivery option if it is available on the site.
  • Buy medicines from sites that maintain confidentiality regarding buyer information.
  • Check expiry date of medicines before placing the order.
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