Much has been said about artificial intelligence in recent years. Seeing it quickly steeping into every industry, a question pops up in mind if artificial intelligence will replace human beings. Industries are welcoming the robotic system as it is minimising the human tasks as much as possible. Although artificial intelligence is at the infancy stage in most of the sectors like food and health, it has grown up in the corporate sector. 

Though there is no clarity on how many people like automation, you can interpret that the majority is in its favour. With the introduction of AI software, the revenues have sharply increased in recent years, and therefore, the reliance on automation continues to rise. 

The role of AI at the workplace is not just limited to monitoring the performance of employees remotely, but it has taken over the routine managerial task. Now, AI tools can help employers identify the potential of employees, delegate responsibility, rate performance and provide feedback. 

The purpose of using AI tools at the workplace is to speed up productivity and efficiency of workers. While banking on such tools, you can engage in more critical tasks. Here are examples of companies getting benefits by embracing AI tools.

AI at fulfilment centres

Ecommerce merchants need fulfilment centres to outsource warehousing and shipping. Such centres may have over 100,000 full-time employees dedicating their time packing, processing, shipping, and handling inventory. Working conditions at such centres can be quite strenuous. Employees may need to pack hundreds of goods per hour to meet deadlines. 

Since you have to make sure that goods get delivered on time, all employees must meet their deadlines. Here comes the role of AI tools. You can’t monitor the performance of each employee along with concentrating on core activities. Amazon fired thousands of employees from fulfilment centre because of productivity issues with the help of AI tools. 

A Tokyo-based start-up is aiming to be a leader in automating warehouses and fulfilment centres. Robots will control the entire building, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. 

An increasing number of warehouse robots are taking over more and more tasks, reducing the need for humans. Large companies like Amazon are using AI to delegate management tasks. Such tools will monitor the performance of each employee and issue a warning or termination based on quality and productivity without the need for input from a supervisor. 

AI can tell you who wants to step down

HR departments are not competent when it comes to hiring a suitable candidate for a position who is ambitious for their career. It leads to waste of time, money and other resources, but here AI can give you a helping hand. 

With AI tools, you can get a line on employees who are planning to resign. IBM AI can predict with 95% accuracy, which employees are about to give up the job. These tools can also make suggestions about what you should do in this situation.

You will be surprised to know that IBM AI has helped the company save around $300 million. IBM AI can also analyse other factors like the tasks employees have completed, the training programmes they have taken to determine their strengths. It can suggest you what kind of functions you can assign to your employees based on their potential. 

By understanding the skills of employees, IBM AI can also suggest a few opportunities that could not have popped up if traditional methods used. IBM AI uses a virtual assistant to help employees identify their skills. It also throws light on career opportunities they can seek. 

AI ensures real-time feedback

Cogito, the AI software, can help customer care executives to improve their overall performance by communication more clearly and handling frustrating clients smartly. 

This software will listen to the tone, pitch, words and analyse several other factors when you converse with a client. As it detects something wrong or threatening like irritation in the tone of a client, it will immediately send you a notification like slow down, speed up, stop talking and sound more sympathetically so that you do not end up having a row with them. 

Cogito is available in over three dozen call centres across the US. It has improved customer satisfaction by almost 10%. 

The role of AI in the workplace is undoubtedly commendable. From analysing the performance of employees in deciding their termination, it is helping entrepreneurs with all managerial tasks. Though AI has boosted the revenues, many entrepreneurs are finding it hard to invest in it. Well, you should not delay in investing AI tools because loans for bad credit with no guarantor can fund your needs.  Seeing the current scenario, anyone can interpret that the role of AI will continue to rise at the workplace. 


Description: Artificial intelligence is helping both the employer and employees at the workplace. This blog discusses how it is acing. 

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