HosterPort has been following an innovative approach to delivering reliable, high-powered hosting services backed by hands-on support for more than 5 years. The team owns and runs its own datacenter which means skilled and experienced system administrators and engineers are only a few feet away from your VPS facility. In reality, the two founders of the company still respond to ticket support and hardware repair every day.

HosterPort Is an Affordable VPS Hosting Option to deploy your online projects and customize according to your needs.

CPU coresMemoryStorageBandwidth
1-162-32 GB30-480 GB SSD1-16 TB

When you buy a kit of four or more slices or CPUs, InterServer’s managed services kick in. For your web server, mail server, DNS, SQL server, an FTP server, InterServer can not only support all hardware problems but parts and labor. Customers can see periodic security updates, various firewalls, protection against brute force, and access controls. We appreciate the control panel’s full root access and inclusion.

HosterPort technicians will unbelievably help you inspect every inch of your stack for potential performance improvements, from switching to a LiteSpeed or NGINX webserver to optimizing MySQL, PHP, or your operating system. There may be a few more costs, but the in-house experience of InterServer is totally top-notch.


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