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Advantages of Superhydrophobic Coatings in Daily Life

The word ‘superhydrophobic’ really implies water resisting or in normal words, something that has a fear of water. Water and soil repellent sportswear and outdoor clothing, or anti-fog windshields, there are numerous ordinary products that can benefit from highly NeverWet Superhydrophobic Coatings. Raincoats, car windshields, waterproof phones: They all utilize a little chemistry to remain dry. Motivated by nature, we are utilizing extremely water-fearing or superhydrophobic coatings to repel water from surfaces to keep them dry.

The applications of superhydrophobic coatings in daily life are getting increasing attention. Here are some great advantages of superhydrophobic coatings in daily life:


If we discuss about the modern eyeglasses innovation, it has changed to a great level. The best eyeglasses brands now-a-days convey this coating, which helps in resisting water. This great kind of coating works by making a surface of your glass’s lens to repel the water molecules staying on them, which implies that the superhydrophobic coating weakens the surface bonding among the water drop and surface of the lens. So, now you no need to stress to wear your glasses in rainy season or to play your favorite water games.


The superhydrophobic coating on helmet provides a variety of materials somewhere to hide from dirt and liquids in order that it will take much longer before they get wet or messy. That is as the increased contact angle makes soil and liquids to lie on top of helmet so that they are removed more promptly, and not permitted to enter the fibers, like they generally would. Superhydrophobic helmet visors maintain their cleanliness and optical properties even in contrary climate conditions. Your biking session in rain won’t stop you any longer to get your helmet dirty and wet.

Car Windshield

The one steady in the fight between visibility and weather is your windshield, so making it as superhydrophobic as possible isn’t only a smart design choice, it’s an investment in your security. Have you ever driven in heavy rains? Terrible vision is one of the main causes of accident in rainy day.  One of the security tips is having better vision in rain, in addition to good tire thread. With superhydrophobic coating you can transform your cars into waterproof, water repellent, anti-scratch, anti-UV & self-cleaning! So, now you will get better vision in rain and this will avoid car accidents.

Solar Panels

Superhydrophobic nano coating for solar panel glass creating great results. This superhydrophobic coating supports panels to let water flow off more effectively and therefore would make the solar panel more proficient during inclement weather. This would help the panels to stay clean, keep up their efficiency and ensure that the extreme amount of electricity is produced. The other advantage is that climbing on a roof to clean solar panels might be risky & hiring someone else to do it, can be costly. If you can limit maintenance by just giving it superhydrophobic coating, it sounds incredible.

Other Uses/Advantages:

  • Superhydrophobic coating may resemble a magic trick to make child’s room available where everything goes on. It can be used on pretty much any surface, and it will instantly repel all moisture.
  • For small parts that rust simply on bikes and different sports equipment, superhydrophobic coating can draw out their life span as long as the parts.
  • A single application of superhydrophobic coating will make defensive coating to sunshades and outdoor fabrics which restore predominant waterproofing, stain and soil protection.
  • Superhydrophobic coating secures fabrics against harming liquids and stains without changing the look or feel.
  • Last but not the least, this liquid repelling treatment is designed to keep automobile fabrics dry longer. 


In the conclusion of this informative blog, we have gone through the advantages of superhydrophobic coating and seen that the coating can assist significantly to people. This means is that you will get to have superior advantages of this shocking water repellency and non-wettability coating.

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