Academic pressure or stress can be referred to how students are faced with challenges and threats that causes them to burden themselves. In academic, stress can play an integral part. It can be good enough to motivate you to move forward and perform exceptionally well and it could be bad enough to make you go into depression. Stress cannot be ignored when you are a student. Deadlines, assignments or exams etc all amount up to the stress and pressure that these students face. Academic pressure and stress have a very thin line in between and if crossed, this can cause the many awful effects that can be difficult to get over with. Nowadays every college and school is trying to maintain an environment for their students that can be stress free and where students can actually enjoy learning without any bad effects on their mental and physical health. How each student performs in their academic life determines their future and shapes their career and this is a very critical and pressure giving point for students because if they do not get good grades, they might not get good jobs. Students face many issues related to their academic life such as inability to develop interest in their classes, not being motivated enough to attend all their classes. This all adds up to academic pressure which can affect the mental health of the students.

Causes of Academic Pressure

Heavy workload: A heavy workload at school can be one of the major reasons to why academic pressure builds up. Attending difficult classes in reaching deadlines and deciding on their future plans can result into academic pressure and can adversely affect the mental health of the students.

Lack of Organization: Many students face academic pressure because they are unable to organize. According to a study conducted by Nursing-Essays-UK some students have really bad organizing and planning skills and because of the lack of these skills, they fail to understand things and move forward in their academic life.

Poor Sleep Schedule: Another important reason why students face academic pressure in their academic life is because they are unable to maintain a proper sleeping schedule. This results to them performing poorly in classes and in exams. Students are required to sleep for at least 8-10 hours to keep themselves away from any kind of stress.

Participation in Class: It’s not easy for every student to speak up in class and actively participate in class discussions. One of the many reasons can be social anxiety. The inability to speak up and express your ideas in class and pressure from teachers can result in a lot of stress than expected in students.

Lack of Support: Another reason why student’s face academic pressure and unable to deal with it is because they feel like they are not getting enough support from their parents and teachers. Come out

Change in Routine: Student’s face academic pressure and stress when they start to face some changes in their schedule. This leads to poor time management and an uncomfortable schedule that can also deteriorate the health of student’s.

Difficult Classes: As student’s start to progress in their academic life and go to higher classes, they get to study courses that are very difficult. They face more challenges than before and this adds up to their academic pressure. They feel the need to catch-up and they realize what will happen if they fail.

New Environment: With each new grade, student’s get to have a new class with new students and teachers. For some it might sound exciting but for other’s it’s a terrifying situation because not everyone is able to adjust to new environments that easily. This makes the student’s more prone to academic pressure.

How to Overcome Academic Pressure?

When students are faced with a lot of academic pressure, their physical and mental health can be adversely affected. To make sure that this does not happen, here are some ways that can help prevent academic pressure to rise:

  • Every student should have something exciting to look forward to every day. Student’s should motivate themselves through this way and in this way their anticipation will increase and they will be able to deal with academic pressure better when they are motivated
  • Student’s should participate in extra-curricular activities like sports to have good physical and mental health
  • Students should interact with positive people and stay in positive environment.
  • They should have a schedule that will help them to organize their time efficiently and make it easier for them and lessen their stress.


In short, very student once in their life faces the pressure of their academic life which can have a huge impact on their physical and mental health and also affect their personal and social life. It’s important to recognize what’s causing it and to take out its solution before it.

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