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Celebrities have the power to influence the masses in ways unimaginable. In India, Bollywood and regional cinema, male and female actors are admired by their fans and most have achieved God-like status.

However, fans these days have the ability to track their favourite celebrity’s every move through social media and the news, leaving these celebs with no choice but to set the right example for those who look up to them for inspiration. Right from behaving in a certain way, to choosing the right brands to endorse, to sending out the right message in their speeches to living a healthy lifestyle; every celebrity has to follow a strict protocol, in order to make the most of their position as influencers.

In today’s generation, fitness is playing a vital role in everyone’s life. People are opting for healthier food options and stricter workout regimes, and celebrities are increasingly pressurised to maintain in a way that can be looked upon as fit. And frankly, there are a host of female actors who have worked towards a fitter body and achieved it with the best results. While some of them took up the challenge for a particular role, the others did it for themselves. So let’s take a look at the amazing body transformations of these female actors:


For her role in Mary Kom, Priyanka had to transform herself from an actor to a female boxer. Fitness expert Samir Jaura was the man responsible for making sure that she did not miss a session and was consistent in her training. Being someone who wasn’t a big fan of going to the gym, Priyanka had only done some form of cardio in the past, and the intense weight training was a shock to her body. But she worked hard in between her hectic schedule and started getting into shape four and a half months before the shoot began. She did a lot of functional training, stretching for flexibility and hi-rep training for improving her stamina. She also had to learn boxing, which meant that she had to do two intense workouts in a day. The end result was pretty fantastic.


Who is not aware of Bipasha Basu’s fitness mantra. She has always been looked at as a female fitness icon and her toned muscles have made an appearance in every project that she has undertaken. She has kept herself away from bad habits like smoking and drinking and follows a strict weekly workout routine. Bipasha launched a DVD titled ‘Love Yourself’ that focused on being healthy and strong and also featured a 60-day workout regimen for weight loss. After that she launched two more DVDs titled ‘Break-free’ and ‘Unleash’, with the former focused on dance as a workout routine and the latter focused on an advanced training involving plyometrics. She is soon said to take on the digital world to impart tips of how to lead a fitter lifestyle. We can’t wait!


Sonakshi always had a tough time with the media because of her figure. She was criticised for being overweight as compared to her contemporaries. But she took it in her stride and worked hard to tone her body. And the new and improved Sonakshi is a sight for sore eyes. “My goal is to constantly push my limits to be the best version of myself everyday. I have never been (like) this before. Now that I’m here, I only want to get better and better,” she said. Right from headstands to rowing, pilates, skipping outdoors and battle ropes; she has been trying them all. Cardio has also played a big role. She also believes that one must work out on their entire body instead of focusing on different areas. Wise words right there.


Alia Bhatt is one of the top actresses in the country right now. But her journey started with her debut under Karan Johar’s directorial venture – Student Of The Year. The story goes that he was impressed with her audition but unimpressed by her chubby frame. Alia took this as the motivation she needed and kicked 16 kgs in a short span of time. She often posts videos and images of herself working out on social media, providing inspiration for many others. As she hates repetitions, she alternates between pilates machines such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Corealign, Motor, Step Barrel, Bodhi Suspension System and The Barre.


When we have such fantastic role models, it only makes sense for us to follow in their footsteps and give fitness a chance. And just like these divas, one does not have to be tied down by a specific form of exercise to achieve results.

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