a brief history of the universal declaration of human rights

During world war II, tens of millions of people died. in addition to those who lost their lives in the fighting, the Nazis in germany killed millions in cold blood.

When the war ended in 1945, the victorious nations met to decide how to prevent such acts from happening again.they formed the UN to advance human rights and peace.The UN created the universal declaration of human rights, the first truly universal human rights document.Eleanor Roosevelt, the woman who led the committee that treated this document, stated that the declaration grants rights for all mankind.

the united nations also took other steps. one was to create international laws too protect human rights, a process that took almost twenty years. International laws are laws agreed upon by many countries, and so they apply not just in one country but all the countries that agree to them.

the countries that belonged to the UN also brought these rights to the rest of the world. as a result, the basic laws of many nations today include the rights contained in the declaration.