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8 Resolutions To Give You More Energy in 2020

The end of the year is usually the time of reflection and when we make plans for the upcoming year. We start by reflecting on our past goals, whether we’ve achieved them or not and how we’re going to change everything this time. But, the main purpose of New Year’s resolutions is to go through with them. Since many people give up after a few weeks, we should focus on those tiny changes in our routine that will give us enough energy for the big things in life.

Learn how and when to disconnect

When we give our time and attention to everything, we end up feeling drained of all energy. This might even hinder your professional goals because you spend time on everything except your goals. Unplugging during the time of constant connectedness might be difficult because people expect you to be available at all times. That’s why we have so many apps for communication on our devices. But, that’s why you must learn to unplug to have more energy in 2020. Embrace the joy of missing out instead of the fear of missing out. In simple words, YOMO over FOMO.

When you disconnect, put your phone on silent, turn off email synch, you get to spend your energy on things that matter. Be it reading, learning, riding a bike with your family, you’ll be in control of your time. Thus, you’ll stop spending your energy on things that do not serve you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Do one thing daily that really makes you happy

Play a computer game, draw, paint, meditate, journal, cook, just do whatever makes you happy and relaxed. Pick the time of the day that works best for you and get lost in an activity you love. Even 20 minutes are enough to do an activity daily and be more content with life. When we spend time on things we truly love, we are more motivated and more productive in life. We won’t just go through the same repetitive motions during our day. Instead, we’ll devote our time to the one thing that really makes.  us happy. We just have to commit to it daily and see how it positively affect our mental health and stress coping mechanisms.

Kickstart your fitness habit

Not only does the physical exercise make you happy and fit, but it also gives you more energy, sharpens your focus and increases your productivity. The best way to stay committed to this resolution and to turn it into a habit is to consider them like meeting with clients. If you don’t show up to a meeting, your client will be unhappy and might cease any future collaboration. Let’s say that your body is a client and exercise is the meeting. If you don’t exercise, your body will be unhappy, low-spirited and weighed down. So, schedule at least three workouts a week and see how your body will appreciate this better energy.

Drink up and don’t stop

Low-energy might be the result of not drinking enough water. Sometimes we even confuse thirst with hunger and end up eating more than we should. Drinking water regularly can increase your energy, decrease mental fatigue, and help your body function well. So, commit to drinking at least two liters of water a day.  The best way to remind yourself to drink water regularly is to set an hourly alarm.

Optimize energy through protein, fiber, and fat

Diet rich in protein, fiber, and fat will give you the best source of energy throughout your day. The food we consume daily is the fuel for our body. That’s why we have to choose it carefully so we’ll have the right fuel for our daily tasks. For example, a keto diet is based on high fat, moderate protein, and low carb ingredients. You can also try a diet rich in protein and increase your general performance – at work and at the gym. Whatever you choose,  you can have the best-prepared meals delivered right to your door. This way you won’t be tempted to stray off course and eat junk food. You’ll stay committed to an energy-boosting diet and optimize your energy right.

Breakup with your sugar addiction

It’s not you, it’s the sugar so just break up with this nasty habit. But, in order to make this habit stick, take small steps. Firstly, switch to healthier alternatives. Then, try to identify whether you go for sugary delights when you are under stress. If you do, you need to take control of your emotional responses to outside stimuli. Once you do, you’ll know that eating chocolate is not the answer. This is the first step to developing a healthier relationship with sweets. It is essential for everyone to break out of this vicious cycle. When you do this, you will know how to control your sugar cravings and indulge yourself without any guilt.

Get enough shut-eye for real this time

To truly make it a habit, keep a sleep journal. Write down how long you slept and how you feel during the day. This will help determine the optimum amount of sleep you need to be energized. Once you determine how seven, eight or nine hours of sleep makes you feel, organize your sleep schedule accordingly. Your energy depends on the quality of your sleep so make it a priority. Plan your day based on the time you go to bed and when you have to get up. You’ll see how proper shut-eye positively impacts your mood, energy levels and improves your lifestyle.

Exercise your mind regularly

Our minds need some exercise too. The easiest way to engage your mind is by reading. Read more and read often. Even if you spend six minutes reading, you can reduce stress by 68%. Most importantly, reading sharpens our mind, improves focus and concentration, boosts memory and drains all worry away.

The popularity of podcasts is one the rise so get into the habit of listening. This is a great mental exercise because you’ll get a chance to learn something new while doing something else entirely. You can do some housework while you listen to a motivational podcast and change your mindset to a positive one.


All of these resolutions are easy to implement into your routine. The key to making them work is to try and practice them daily to make them stick. Once you do, you’ll have more energy and know what your body really needs to stay energized.

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