7 Very Easy steps to start blogging

First though, let me start by listing what you DON’T need to start your own blog:

Computer programming or coding skills
Pricey design software
Past experience with blogging
Half of the world’s population now uses a smartphone (for reals) and 14 percent of them use those phones to look up product info. Which is why everyone’s getting into blogging. Why shouldn’t you?

1- Identify your interest:

When I was start blogging, in my reach no one had an idea of what a blog is? but doing regular search on web I got some idea about blog and blogging, but within the journey several times I banged my head upon table to find the right information.

After getting some information on blogging I asked myself, “What should I write?”

I suggest you to ask the same question to yourself i.e. the very first and foremost thing you have find out topic of your interest, knowledge, passion, or enthusiasm.

Your topic could be programming language you use in your company or any specific job category (like marketing, HR manager etc.) or this could be your passion on iPhone, Blackberry Android. I choose tutorials on blogging nuts.

And if you know more about blogging surely you can be a guide to people.

On whatever stage of life you are I am sure you will find a topic that drives you to write.

Suggestion before choosing topic

Choose a topic you can write about without getting bored.
Choose a topic you have enough passion.
Choose a topic you have enough knowledge.
Your blog’s tone should be powerful enough to attract audience.
Once you clear this, go ahead to next step.

2- Choose the blogging platform

This is the most crucial step where newbies stuck, means which platform to choose to start their blog. At this time I must give you a suggestion, you must have heard of WordPress. It’s massive. It is mostly used in the world, with unlimited plug-in and add-ons and have infinite number of free and premium theme, 22% of all website in over internet uses WordPress.

Below chart will show you which platform is used how much.

But if you don’t want to use WordPress, there are other alternative listed below.

Blogger – the next best thing to WordPress. It is common known as BlogSpot blog.
Tumblr – Half social network, half blog. Interesting and very simple to use.
Though WordPress is bigger and better, I would suggest you to use this only. I have reasonable reasons to convince you.

One click installation.
Large number of theme and layouts.
There is good support even they have support forum and provide solution to every query.
Your blog will be insanely fast and perfect.
Unlimited plugins to design your blog without being code master.

3- Free or paid hosting

Wait! and think whether you want free blog or paid blog? WordPress.com: Create a free website or blog, Tumblr and Blogger all offer free blogs for anyone. Awesome, right? Its suit for the blogger who are not serious and blogging as a hobby, but unpaid one has certain downside also.

1) You won’t be able to get your OWN domain name

If you use free blog sites to create a blog, your web address would look some ugly indicating you are on free platform; you do not have control over your own blog. At last if you choose to create the blog, your URL will look like:

It doesn’t look good.

2) Limits and more limits

There is actually the control of Platform owner on your blog; they can delete anything they don’t like. You cannot upload video that you want to show to everyone but platform owner doesn’t like, for example if you add adult content in BlogSpot blog means you are disabled to monetize with AdSense. There are even more limit, like on WordPress.com: Create a free website or blog you don’t have access to free theme.

3) You DON’T OWN your blog

It sounds a bit silly, that you have blog but actually you don’t have. It’s hosted on someone’s property and they can delete it, if they want. They are very strict to their rules. If they delete anything which means all your hard work on your blog, all those countless hours of writing blog posts might be vanished within seconds.

On the other hand if you have a self hosted blog– you are the REAL owner of your blog. You have right to name your blog whatever you want, for example “yourname Resources and Information.” or “ bloggingnuts.com ”.

You can add any extension like .com, .http://co.uk, .net, .org, or virtually any other web suffix. You can add unlimited number of videos, images, any post (adult and non-adult).

So how much a domain name and hosting will cost you? Not as much as you’re thinking, fortunately, it usually works out to about $4 per month, depending on your hosting provider. And in Indian currency it would be around INR 2000. Even for the first year you will get many discounts. For starting a blog Dreamhost provide best hosting with small amount of charges.

4- Start a blog on your own domain

Now I am going ahead, with the consideration you choose WordPress, if you haven’t please go with it, seriously telling it is best.

If you are still confused about what a self hosted blog is, then every good looking domain is self hosted.

For your own blog you should have domain name and hosting with you.

Domain: The domain name is something that represents your website like Google.com , facebook.com, superbanswer.com
Hosting: Hosting is basically the space where your website‘s data is saved and no one can interfere with it but you, the owner. It’s like a hard drive in computer that saves all your data.
Personally, I use domain.com business plan. it is unlimited means you can host unlimited number of domains. It’s probably one of the best hosting providers world wide. A domain name will cost around $10 a year, and hosting business plan around $80 /year. they provide the best service and support also.

5- Designing your WordPress blog

Now, the fun part. Let’s make the blog exactly you thought in the dream. To select a new theme, you can go ahead to Appearance > Themes, there you will get lot of themes I generally choose, that look professional and pretty easy to customize. WordPress also has niche specific theme so you can go with that also. In WordPress you too change themes with just a few clicks. Nothing would be changed instead your layout.

Remember, design of your blog should reflect both you and your personality, and also what the blog is about. It doesn’t suits if your blog is about e-commerce and you selected theme of tennis.

On top of everything , it should be easy to navigate for your user ,because no one likes ugly websites, and they especially hate website which need a technical degree to use it. Make it easy man !

You can also use premium theme that are well coded, SEO optimized and have better look than free one like I use Genesis Framework and it is most recommended by experts to give your site a professional look.

Read: From start to final: Process to start first website.

6- Best way to start blogging

Bloggers come from many blogging platform and more experiences but they forgot to think that there is always a room to learn. Below are some articles I have created for you. Read them before you start blogging in a best way.

14 common blogging mistakes that sucks blogger’s success.
12+ pro blogger tips to become successful blogger in one week?
And that all, I am more confident and you must be surprised that your first blog set up is completed with little time and ready to go, look setting up a blog is so easy while I am guiding (unlike my first time, lucky you!). If you have any problem while setting up, you can comments below I will respond with a solution.

One more step woo!

7- Start Writing

Without wasting time Start Writing.

Now for you setting up a blog is no big deal, but without content your blog would be nothing. It doesn’t matter how well are brushed up with your topic, knowledge and passion, your blog will only grow when you start writing.

People doesn’t know from starting, with time you’ll start getting writing ideas and your readers will start enjoying/reading what you say.

But start writing.

You can take help from your friends, read more books of your topic, and try to collect more new ideas which people enjoy reading.

Read: Ultimate tips to write properly seo optimized articles.

Enjoy blogging!

Best of Luck…


  1. zainab

    I really want to start my own blog and earn money from it. And everyone I know just recommended me to use WordPress. I know WordPress is a good one, but I heard Google Adsense wont work with it. Is it true? And if it’s true, is there any platform that as good as WordPress that’ll work with Google Adsense? Thank you.

    1. Superb Answer Post author

      Adsense works just fine with a self hosted WordPress blog. There should be no issues running a blog monetized by Adsense.

  2. junaid

    thanks for the great post. When it comes to free blogging platforms, some they will allow you to use your domain. The problem is that some they will not allow you to monetize your blog and they can delete your blog without any valid reason…

  3. Alyce

    Great tips to get more blog traffic. The repurposed content tip is near and dear to my heart. I have used that over and over and it definitely works.
    It’s works both ways to get traffic to the blog.
    Thanks again!

  4. Umair Yaseen

    That was very helpful, Each and every point was crystal clear, I have plans to start a new blogging site on Digital Marketing ,so i will be trying to implement the above mentioned strategies so that it proves to be successful by gaining a good amount of traffic

  5. Zahid Khan

    Interesting ideas you are proposing here. I did not know what the humming bird update actually ment, now i know that explains a lot actually.

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