Pinterest is a magical platform for users looking for inspiration, ideas, and products. It works both through keywords and visual search. Users can get a million inspirations, ideas, and product purchase with Pinterest. By using the following tips, you can make the most of Pinterest for your online business. Here you go!

Create a Business Profile on Pinterest

If you want Pinterest to work for your eCommerce store, you need to get serious about it. First, set up a business profile on Pinterest. Just like other social media channels, it is free and among the most favorite of users, so, why not use it for growing your online business.

A business profile on Pinterest enables you to have access to key analytics of your business account. With key analytics, you can directly link your Pinterest post to your website. Furthermore, the business profile looks more professional than a regular user profile. It also helps in understanding your audience the way they view your business page on Pinterest.

Use Keywords

Pinterest is a mix of search engine and a social platform for ideas and inspiration. It offers an extensive range of categories to look for project inspiration and ideas. To attract the relevant audience to your account, you should utilize keywords. The keywords on Pinterest need to be saturated abundantly. By abundantly, I mean to use keywords everywhere from profile description, account title, boards, to pin titles, and pin descriptions. Use keywords as possible as you can.

What else you should be careful about is to choose keywords according to what your audience search. It depends on what products you have and what keywords you should use to describe those products. A key idea to solve this issue is to think of what keywords you would have used if you were finding them. You most likely use keywords already used at your online store or other selling platforms.

Set up Profile to attract a relevant audience

Users may feel that Pinterest is a place where all they do is to pin a post they like. However, it doesn’t work like this. For a business profile, it rather about your customers than you. What you like and the pin doesn’t matter unless it is likable for your audience. So, while setting up your business account on Pinterest, think about your ideal customers that what they would be looking for.

If you sell technical services, include home tech boards that show how to use technology to upgrade your lifestyle. For instance, if you are a mobile app development company, you can share how mobile apps contribute to the improvement in our daily lives.

If you sell home decor, include boards that showcase different ideas on how to set up your home. Similarly, if you sell outfits, include boards that showcase the latest fashion trends and clothing designs that may entice users.

Make your Pinterest profile attractive and appealing for users that perfectly serve a purpose for your audience. Make them look vibrant and attractive, along with their usefulness. If they look forward to learning more, they can head to your online shop. Make sure you use relevant keywords for board titles and descriptions.

Take advantage of Rich Pins

Using rich pins can provide your audience with additional information. The pin works best on Pinterest because the platform just knows how to make the most of the pin posts. Also, Pinterest is based on a system that handles pin posts better by showing it the right people.

One way to use product rich pins is to apply it to highlight the products that you sell at your shop. This will lead your customers directly to your online store. The pin will demonstrate the price of each item along with the storage record for the convenience of your customers.

Your audience is likely to use Pinterest to not only for taking inspirations but to but to purchase what they take inspiration from!

If you use the strategies wisely, your audience is mostly going to be able to find you. They are going to get aware of your brand, which increases the chances of purchase from your store! Rich pins are available only for business profiles, so it is imperative to set up your business account right away!

Pin Often and Consistently

If you desire to make the most out of Pinterest, consistency is the key. It is crucial to consistently pin throughout the day so that your audience does not miss seeing your pins. You also want to make Pinterest notice that you are an active user who pins regularly. A wise approach is to post not only your pins but also pin other people’s posts.

At the core, it is all about serving your audience to the fullest. Thus, you need to be serving your audience with other people’s pins as well to help them.

How many pins can be pinned each day? There is no exact figure that you can determine to pin. There is no hard and fast rule. You can pin as many times as you want and can. However, make sure you do it well. Given that you are pinning quality content consistently and utilizing the steps as mentioned earlier, you will surely do well on Pinterest.

If all of this overwhelms you, you can also use a scheduling app to do your work best and save your time. Social media management tools like Tailwind, Hootsuite, and Buffer can help you with this.

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