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6 Problems You Face When Using The Wrong Communication App

Let me simplify the title. Let’s try “What are the risks of trying to use a drill instead of a Q-tip?”, or how about “What are the risks of trying to use sandpaper instead of your razor?” What’s common among these? Using the wrong tool for the wrong job!

Our use of communication apps is no different. Or at least, it shouldn’t be. Here are the top risks of using the wrong communication app, in no particular order:

1) Efficiency

Why go back and forth over long emails trying to resolve an issue, when you might be able to resolve it sooner by simply picking up the phone or walking over to your coworker’s desk?

Effective Communication Tool

2) Ire

Knowing your audience is critical in all walks of life. If someone prefers face to face chat over online, you risk annoying them by constantly pinging them online.

3) Chaos

Communicating a lot of important stuff, especially those that require follow-ups, over a system that has no way of tracking/organizing that information, can lead to total chaos. It’s a sure recipe for missed deadlines and things falling through the cracks.

4) Security

If you are sharing sensitive information, you need to use a system that has a robust security infrastructure and is sufficiently encrypted.

Secured Communication Tool

5) Perception

You don’t want to use something like cheapconferencesoftware.com to schedule a call to discuss a multi-million dollar deal. Perceptions do matter in business.

6) Cost

Why invest in something with a lot of bells & whistles when the basic (and oftentimes, free) version will do? It’s always a good practice to focus on what you need first, and then pick the software, then be wowed by the software and try to change your workflow to leverage what the software provides. Your “needs” ought to drive what software you use, not the other way around.

I’m sure there are many other perils of using the wrong tool for the job. What’s on your list?

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