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6 Online Marketing Methods to Grow Your Commercial Real Estate Business

Online marketing offers a wide range of options for commercial real estate agents to reach as many buyers, brokers, and owners as possible. More importantly, with careful planning and execution, these marketing campaigns can help an agent be extremely specific about who they’re targeting, making sure their properties are seen by the people who have a definite interest in it.

Of course, “online marketing” encompasses a wide range of strategies and tactics. As you work to build your commercial real estate business, consider the following methods to reach your potential audience.

Email Marketing

Making the most of a commercial real estate email blast requires a detailed list of potentially interested brokers, buyers, and developers. When you have a strong list, you can control the timing and messaging of each email to ensure you’re reaching people who have a real interest in your properties.

Listing Services

Most commercial developers know where to look to find the properties that suit their needs. These listing services are well known in the industry, so it’s important to have all the important details listed there so you can get more exposure to the marketplace.

Optimized Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical element of modern, online marketing. It involves tailoring your website according to the search engine’s stated best practices. This may include streamlining your navigation, adding more content, or focusing your pages on specific locations or types of properties.

SEO will take some time, though, and it’s critical that you stick to the established principles. Too many websites have tried to cheat the system and ended up paying the price for it.

If you stick to a plan, though, your website can be the first thing that potential buyers see when they begin their search.

Local SEO

Google offers several tools to help local companies get found in local searches. It’s important to remember this aspect of online marketing, too, because most people aren’t selling properties from one end of the country to another.

Instead, they tend to focus in some very specific locations where their expertise can really shine.

Local SEO gives your business a better chance to show up in the search results when potential clients are searching for local companies or using phrases like “properties near me.”

Social Media

It may not seem like people in the commercial real estate industry would anxiously follow someone’s social media profiles in hopes of discovering the latest and greatest information about your business, there are still a lot of uses here.

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