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6 Impressive Facts about Hemp Clothing!!

In the world of cannabis, hemp is a common name. Like CBD, hemp is also used to produce many useful things. This includes biodegradable plastic, health food, fuel, and textile. Being low in THC is used for manufacturing hemp clothing and paper. Not only in the world of medicine, but hemp also gaining popularity in the world of fashion. 

A biodegradable fabric that is easy to grow and process, hemp has a very nice, comfortable feel to it. If you are thinking of investing in ethical Hemp fashion, 

Let’s Consider the Impressive Fun Facts about Hemp Clothing:

Comfortable and Easy to wear:

When it comes to hemp clothing, many people misunderstand that it is an uncomfortable fabric, which can be rough against the skin. But this is no more than a myth. Hemp is one of the best, comfortable, and easy to wear the fabric as compared to others such as cotton. It is because hemp is growing naturally without any use of pesticides while conventional cotton alone uses 25% of the world’s pesticides. 

Porous and Breathable:

We all know that cotton is a breathable fabric and just because of its quality everybody wears it in summer. But did you know that hemp is more porous in the comparison of cotton fabric? Yes, it is. Hemp clothing also tends to become softer with time and washing. It is because of their soft texture. Hemp clothing does not create a rough texture and accumulates as cotton or other materials do after wash.

Highly Durable:

Hemp fibers are highly durable. They are the longest in the plant kingdom and from any online clothing store or new by mall, you can easily purchase them. It is so durable that it can handle twice the weight of steel. The most amazing fact is that the fiber of hemp does not break with washing and wearing like other nylon and cotton fabric. They get soft with time but do not tear up. Due to its high and stronger durability, hemp fiber is used to make jeans, shirts, dresses, hats, bags, ropes, and canvas. 

Hemp Fiber is Eco-friendly:

Cannabis hemp clothing is 100% eco-friendly. With the comparison of cotton, hemp is grown naturally which means growers produce hemp without making use of any harmful chemicals and pesticides. While cotton cultivation exhausts the soil of the land it is grown on.

On the other hand, cannabis cultivation uses almost 50% less water to be turned into fiber. Cotton takes up a vast part of the world’s agricultural water use and therefore is contributing to the already rising water crisis. 

Note* In the future, if the cotton is swapped for hemp, then one thing that can be assured is less water usage. And it is very beneficial for agricultural water crises. 

Zero Toxic Chemicals:

It is a wild myth that cannabis is a chemical drug. But hemp is far away from toxic chemicals. Yes, any type of clothing which is made from hemp has zero toxic chemicals. Cannabis cultivation does not use toxic chemicals to turn into fiber for clothing. It is more natural or organic clothing and is becoming a choice of thousands.

Help In Reducing the Risk Of skin cancer

As mentioned earlier, that hemp fabric has zero toxic chemicals. Then it is clear to you that it reduces the risk of skin problems. Also, clothes that are made from hemp clothing can help reduce your risk of exposure to the sun’s UV radiation and, in doing so, can also reduce your risk of skin cancer. Hemp clothing is natural UV radiation resistant, as it helps block the sun and reduces tanning which leads to dry, wrinkled skin as you age.

In reality, hemp cloth is quite thin, making it very flexible and comfortable to wear. It is an excellent choice for those who suffer from sensitive skin issues. Whether you’re looking to buy CBD hemp oil online or hemp clothing, Nothing But Hemp is one of the right destinations. Also, always buy third-party tested and FDA approved products to ensure quality.

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