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6 Common Electrical Problems That Require a Residential Electrician

As you know, technology gets smarter and faster. We rely on electricity more and more. It plays an essential role in our daily activities. From watching television, keeping food healthy in the refrigerator to charging our phones would be impossible without electricity. And that’s the reason it is necessary to ensure power is always running smoothly in your home.


What happens when there is an electrical problem? 

When it comes to household electrics, your safety is paramount. But some of the homeowners assume that they can efficiently fix the common issues like repairing flickering lights or faulty breakers, war, receptacle, etc. However, seeing mirror issues in an emergency is good, but later it may turn out to be a complex problem. And in such a case, hiring a certified and experienced residential electrician Ipswich is necessary. These electricians are very skilled and handle minors to all major electrical problems. They are available 24/7 for your help and make use of the latest state-of-art technology to ensure your safety.   

Common Electrical Problem that Only a Certified Electrician Can Handle:

  1. Overloaded Power Points:

Overloaded power points are the most common problem that most of you faced multiple times in the home. It can be caused by plugging too many appliances into one PowerPoint or running appliances that draw high amps at the same time.

Its Warning signs:

  • Flickering and dim lights.
  • Circuit and blown fuses. 
  • Warm or discolored wall plates.
  • The mild shock from appliances.
  1. Circuit Breaker Trips Every Time:

This problem is commonly found in old homes because older homes may not be designed to handle the high-wattage loads as compared to modern designed houses. When overloads on power points, it leads to ripped breakers. 

Its Warning signs:

  • Burning smell
  • Regular bulb replacement
  • Warm or vibrating wall outlets
  • Frayed or chewed wiring
  1. Electrical Surges

Another common household problem that requires a certified residential electrician is electrical surges. It can occur due to faulty wiring in the house, lightning strikes, faulty appliances, or damaged power lines. However, these electricians disconnect the bad power boards or devices from the outlet.

Its Warning signs: 

  • Device clocks and lights are flashing
  • Flickering and buzzing lights
  • Smell odd odors
  • Frayed or chewed wiring
  1. Light Switches Not Working

You can easily point out if it is bad workmanship or sub-standard products with dim switches that don’t work on adjusting the lights properly. It can also be the fault of wiring, circuit, or outlet. In this situation, you should consult an electrician to solve this issue.

It’s Causes:

  • Broken Mechanism
  • Fuse Burnout
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Loose wire
  • Faulty circuit cable
  1. Electric Shock

Generally, when you are plugging an appliance in the outlet, you should never feel any electric shock. But if you experience an electric shock, then you must consult with a certified and well-experienced residential electrician. It is necessary because it is the sign of potential electrocution or a fire sometime in the future.

It’s Causes:

  • Faulty appliances
  • Damaged extension leads
  • Incorrect household power lines
  1. Frequent burning out of light bulbs

It is another household’s electrical problem that you should call a residential electrician. Frequent burning out of light bulbs often occurs in older homes due to complex outlets and rusted cables. 

It’s Causes:

  • High wattage
  • Insulation is near to the light
  • Faulty wiring on circuit and mains
  • More wattage on a dimmer switch
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