If you are considering starting your construction career, it is important to have rigging in your repertoire. Every construction site that you will work at will contain pulley systems. These are used to make the work easier. But if operated without proper knowledge, these may prove to be a hazard rather than a boon. Rigging training is the best solution to ensure that you have all the essential knowledge and skills to a successful on-site worker.

Undertaking rigging training opens doors to unlimited career opportunities. Here are the five things that you will learn in a Rigging Training program.

Selecting the Right Equipment

There is a variety of rigging equipment available. Choosing the right one is the most crucial step of any rigging job. Rigging training aims at educating you to choose the right equipment for the task at hand. During the training, you will learn different methods for calculating the size and weight of the load and the capabilities of different equipment.

From ropes to hoists, from slings to hooks, you will learn the lift capacities of each component. This will help you in creating sturdy structures where no element will be stretched beyond its limit and the tasks will be run smoothly.

How to Use the Equipment

While you are at a construction site working around rigged structures, it is important to have a good understanding of how to use the equipment and the safety precautions.

Our training program is specially designed to offer you an abundance of knowledge on skills like setting up cranes, rigging, lifting techniques, and more. Obtaining a Dogman Licence Brisbane with a combination of classroom-based and practical skills under our training program will enhance the chances of your employability.

How a Job Site Operates

Since worksites are very noisy places, communication or effective communication is the key that reduces the chances of disasters caused by misunderstandings. As a rigger, working with others and communicating clearly to get the job done efficiently should be of the utmost importance to you. Often, you will have to give directions to operators of cranes from outside their line of sight using a whistle or radio.

Rigging training will prepare you for this. You will learn from experienced professionals how you can maximize your performance on the field.

Safety Skills

Job sites are dangerous. But with proper knowledge of the safety precautions and skills, construction-site injuries and fatalities can be prevented. Rigging training helps you contribute to a safer workplace. Some of the safety skills that you will learn in the training program include:

  • Fall prevention
  • Inspecting your equipment
  • Proper setting up of cranes
  • Following proper operating methods
  • Understanding load charts
  • Following official standards and regulations 

Inspection Requirements

Rigging training will familiarize you with various rigging equipment and make you learn how to perform routine checks. It’s important to do a quick check for problems like rope fraying, bending, and warping of hooks, general wear, and tear, to avoid any severe damage or accidents.

Some Other Important Things That You’ll Learn during Rigging Training

  • Always Rig to the Center of Gravity (CG). However, if you have to rig below CG, always rig with a minimum of three slings.
  • Stay out of pinch points. Suppose the load suspended in the air moves in a direction it’s not supposed to (due to any factor), it might crush you against a wall or another load if you are in the area of pinch points.
  • Synthetic slings in your right hand and sling protection in your left.

Emerald Training Services provides quality training and assessment. After taking our training, you will receive a nationally recognized certificate. We understand that you need to learn various skills to have a successful career.

We want you to succeed during your training, but more importantly, we want you to be successful in the real world. And that’s why we bring to you extensive training programs offered by certified instructors. With these rigging training programs, we help you craft and refine employment opportunities. Why not learn the skills that will get you several interviews to land you on your dream job? What next? Visit our visit, fill-up the form, and get a Dogman Licence Brisbane.

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