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5 things you need to know as a first-timer at boarding school

The students, who either have become a boarding school student for the first time or planning to get admission into a boarding school in India, pass through a transition phase. The phase that exposes you to the situations to bring out your hidden capabilities and it calls for adaptability instincts. Thus being a boarding school student for the first time you should know a few factors to enhance your boarding school experience. Therefore to support this new journey of your life, we have tried to compile a list of the 5 things you need to know as a first-timer at boarding school.

Materialistic shift – from a homely life to a new life as a boarder

Although you may not have found reasons to appreciate your homely life before boarding school experience, after a few months you surely will do. Because you will have to manage yourself and your pieces of stuff on your own, and you may feel jumbled up some times. Although you will have assistance from your boarding school house parent or the staff, there would be no one to take micro-decisions on your part, especially the way your parents used to do. Thus you will surely appreciate the way the family had arranged everything for you, right from arranging your room in the morning, doing your laundry, arranging other personal chores of yours. And despite their every effort, withstanding all your tantrums at the end.

Now being said that you may get jumbled up with arranging yourself and your stuff, therefore you should plan to pack limited things with you during your previous phase at the boarding school. Only select things that are essential to you. As there will be limited space in the accommodation and it will be different from your home. Therefore packing the necessities only will enable you to manage your things without creating a mess in your room. Gradually you will be able to figure out the things needed there and can collect them from home later on.

Preparing for the emotional shift

Being a student who is planning to join a boarding school, either you may be excited or worried, but either way, you need to prepare yourself for this new part of your life. It may primarily seem to concern preparation of thing and your belonging but you need to be mentally prepared, to witness a shift not only on the level of materialistic life but also on the sentimental level.

You must be very well aware of the fact that when you start your new life at boarding school, your previous life will be left behind. You will have to stay away from your parents your family members your close friends, your belongings and even your pet (if you have one). This will lead you to homesickness and it will require you to deal with it. At first, talking to your parents more often may seem to help you in the first place. But you must not rely exclusively on it; you must start to get involved in your new boarding school life. Talk to your roommate or if you are having single room accommodation then talk to your neighbor since you won’t be alone to feel homesick. Since a healthy conversation will help out both of you.

Rules and regulations of a boarding school

Random piece of work in a less organized format may work in a small system. Whereas, a larger system of anything calls for a fully organized planned action and defined work format. Similarly, when you live with your family which can be considered as a small system, you happen to be less organized. But when you join a large system like a boarding school, you need to follow certain rules and regulations that you may consider tiresome at first. These rules and regulations are meant for the smooth functioning of the boarding schedule. It also helps the school complete their predefined academic calendar and other prescheduled co-curricular activities on time.

Primarily, these rules and regulations of the boarding school are essential to help you make your day to day life organized. Additionally, learning the ways to organize your time well will enable you to pursue all the opportunities of studies and extra skills of your interest.

Moreover never disobey the rules and regulations of the boarding school, as it may put you in trouble and lead to your suspension or expulsion.

Adapting to the boarding school culture and day-to-day life

In the early phase of your life at boarding school, you may think it to be the worst decision of your parents. Especially when you have to abide by the routine as set by the school administration. Like when you will not be allowed to sleep for longer, bunk your classes and other fun and freedom that you used to have at your house. And it will take time to get used to this new life.

However, you will get to realize the positive aftereffect of it, in the later stages of your life. Therefore, you must not get affected by such thoughts, as you will adapt to your new systematic lifestyle in due course of time.

You won’t be the only one in this position; therefore you should engage yourself in various activities including your classes. It will help you avoid getting homesick and allow you to mingle in the boarding school life.

In case you are being bullied or getting disturbed by other students, then speak with the concerned house parents/wardens or try to befriend them to solve the issue. Most importantly you must get to know and mingle with other boarders as you will be spending most of your time with them while living at the boarding school.

Adapting to the food culture of the boarding school

In case you are going to join the boarding school that is located in a different region and culture with respect yours, then it may become one of the agonies.

You will find that the boarding schools in India incorporate diverse foods to its menu since they crater students from various regions and cultures. Although the foods are cooked under hygienic condition prepared from the fresh and pure ingredients, the local food culture may seem to dominate sometimes. It may torment you a little.

Certainly, you will not have concerns related to food is due to its pureness or the way it is prepared or anything related to its preparation. However, your taste buds might take some time to acclimatize to the food culture of your boarding school. Since you may be strongly attached to the tastes of your region and find to adjust with local flavors, but you will soon adjust to the food culture.

It is quite normal to get nervous in the early months at the boarding school. So you must participate in all the orientation sessions and don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed. Socialize and make a lot of friends. Always remember that boarding schools are not there to torment you, instead, it is the first step to prepare for life. So must strive to make it a memorable, fruitful and learning experience.

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