5 steps to Improve Your Website’s SEO 2017

Google is making unprecedented changes in its Search Algorithm so its stays ahead of webmasters SEO understanding. Newer concepts and approaches have forced digital market experts to further enhance their skills for getting top SERP’s in Google results. Paid Marketing is now major influencer for building website traffic in long term SEO planning. Planning and Strategies are always changing for SEO and be aware of the recent changes for staying ahead of the competition.

As 2017 has progressed there are certain new trends in the SEO world preparing the webmasters for future challenges. We are narrowing the top 5 steps that are going to dominate this year.


It was first noticed in 2016 that mobile searches has outgrown desktop searches by little margin. Now Google has stated that now they prefer Mobile sites first than desktop sites when defining your website rank. Mobile First Index was introduced in the January and it has not been completely rolled out but the impact was there. Be sure to check your mobile version site first before you go for desktop one now.


Direct answers or snippet that we get from Google Search i.e. Rich Snippets will make more and more clicks. Number of rich snippets appearing for your search has doubled in the last few years and Structured Data Mark-up which allows webmasters to enhance their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) status is going to be the more important in your SEO planning. As this scheme mark-ups will make your answer appear in those rich snippets hence encouraging more clicks.


This futuristic technology for voice searching might be the next big thing impacting your SEO planning. Google Voice Search has started making its presence in the total searches being termed as ‘Google Now’. This amazing feature from Google allows user to search by speaking to their mobile phones or desktop microphones. All the major brands of world Microsoft (Cortana), Google Now, Siri (Apple) have better understanding of this future technology now. Now SEO webmasters have to plan their strategies according to voice queries rather text-based solutions in 2017.

4. AMP is now here to stay

Using AMP websites can load more quickly on all mobile devices and Google prefers those sites in its search ranking. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) concept and protocols are fully supported in Google Search console now. And with mobile first Index update, mobile SEO is going to revolutionize this year with lot of changes and adjustments still to be seen. Google Search Console now offers the AMP markup for errors, pages and in-depth understanding to the webmasters.


Pay per Click Campaign, Facebook ads, Twitter promotion, Linkedin ads and paid marketing are going to rule the market altogether. SEO is all about generating and boosting traffic to websites and these paid marketing provide an easy way for webmasters to drive internet traffic. Cross Channel Marketing which is done using multiple channels for brand promotion is one to look out for this year. Searches, products that you have done similar in mobiles are going to be the target ads that follow you in emails, social media and desktop ads. This allows the user engagement over the devices and platform for marketing purposes.

We at AP Web World follows all the latest changes made to Google Algorithm and make sure to recommend these changes to our clients business as quickly as possible. Each process of SEO is closely linked to each other by very thin lines of white hat techniques. This process is strictly followed by our SEO teams for delivering the best on client projects.