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5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Boarding School

Boarding schools are known to offer better infrastructure, world-class learning, sports, athletic, cultural and other experiences that are necessary for the proper academic and physical development of a child. Because the students are always close to the teachers, they are more disciplined, dedicated to studies and co-curricular activities. Students in boarding schools develop into more disciplined individuals who are responsible, mature, and can take care of themselves and those around them. The best boarding schools in India are 24-hour learning communities possessing rich culture, prompt supervision, extracurricular activities, and offer a more structured student-life experience. The reasons due to which your child should join a boarding school are noteworthy. Below are 5 of them.

A Better Platform for Career Development

Students who study at the best boarding schools in India are found to be more successful in academics, sports, arts, and cultural activities. The success of boarding school students may be attributed to the better attention they get from the teachers and student supervisors. Those at boarding schools can also devote more time to studies and co-curricular activities, and practice a disciplined way of life. These students are known to do well in their professional or business careers and also attain advanced degrees later in life. These claims have been supported by studies carried out by the Arts and Science Group LLC (a market research company) for the American (read the USA) Association of Boarding Schools.

Better Academics

Academics are the foremost reason for a student joining a school. In many of the boarding schools in India, teachers also live with the students on the campus and are available for immediate help. Students spend their time in a close-knit and diverse community and collaborate among each other to solve the toughest of problems and issues. Studies and academics at boarding schools are not only persistent, disciplined, and consistent but also carry more passionate approaches. The presence of peers and seniors is also beneficial for those living and studying at boarding schools. The senior students are not only a source of motivation for the juniors, but are always available to resolve their issues and problems (including academic problems) immediately.

World-Class Sports, Arts, and Other Facilities

The boarding schools in north India have some of the best sports facilities. The presence of volleyball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey stadiums and playgrounds is a common feature in these schools. Leading schools may also offer horse riding and other niche sports facilities. Apart from playing sports, students also get an opportunity to participate in national and international sports events. Because they are coached by the experts, the results are often spectacular. The boarding schools also have the auditoriums, cultural halls, visual art studios, art spaces and other recreation centers that help the students enjoy their time and learn new skills.

Independent and Disciplined

When a kid is away from home, he/she has to be disciplined and well organized. Students learn the different minor and major tasks of life and living at an early age on their own makes them more independent as well. They learn new lessons about life, which lay a solid groundwork for their adulthood.

Confident Enough to Take On the Challenges

In most cases, college is the next destination of those who pass out from a school. Apart from academics, sports, and cultural activities, students who pass out from these schools also feel that they are more independent and confident to face a much more challenging life that lay ahead. Students also make friends from different destinations, regions, and nations of the world, and it is a whole new world and experience.

Conclusion –

If you are still undecided about sending your child to a boarding school, the reasons given above will help you see the advantages and benefits of choosing a boarding school. Time spent in a boarding school will not only make the child self-reliant but also trains them to be a leader and changes them into the kind of person that can make a difference.

Joining any of the leading boarding schools in north India may turn your kid into a better academician, sportsman, and a disciplined person as well.

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