One of the most-awaited events before any wedding is the hens’ party. And this means a lot of responsibility for the organiser, especially what to choose when it comes to planning games for the night. Well, worry no more. Read on to know about the five best hen party games that are ideal for any bachelorette party.


Well, also termed banned words, this fun game requires the ladies to pick a set of words that cannot be uttered throughout the night. Choose common words, the ones that we use on a daily basis. This will make the game even harder. The one who makes a mistake is given a penalty. The penalties can be anything – drinking shots, doing a dare, or something that’s naughty and bold.

Balloon night

This is an all-time favourite in almost all hen parties. What you need to do is, jot down a bunch of very embarrassing questions and put them inside inflated balloons. When a guest pops a balloon, she will open the particular sheet inside it and pop the question before the bride. And she MUST answer it. If you couple the game with booze and food, the fun increases manifold.


Yet another classic game that is ideal for hen parties, Consequences is a game that needs you to write the following subheads: her name, his name, where they had sex, what position they were in, and who caught them doing it. Now, fold the paper with the above-mentioned content and pass it to the lady seated next to you. When everyone has their sheets, unfold all of the papers, and read the entire story at one go. We bet, it will send everyone into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Another one with the balloon

Balloons are the ideal props for the most interesting of games, we must say. And this game is called pass the balloon. What you need to do is, segment the guests into two groups. Each team member must take a balloon (ideally the longer ones), hold it in between the knees, and then pass it to the next teammate without ever using the hands. The team that successfully passes the balloon to the end is the winner. Note: Every time the balloon falls, the game goes on restart mode.

The DIY bride

Here, you will need toilet rolls — loads of it. Divide the party into two teams, with each group creating a wedding dress and a maid of honour dress. The only tool that can be used? Toilet paper! Finally, the team which makes the best dress wins the game.

Well, these were some of our shortlisted ideas to add some fun to your hen party games. Do you have any other ideas? Drop a suggestion in the comment box below!

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