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5 Best file transfer app for android and iPhone

Everyone need to share file to their friends somewhere. There are so many types of files which are not possible to share through internet. However we can share through internet it takes long time to upload and your friend also need to download the the same file. So it takes long time and consumes mobile data. Before Android smartphone Bluetooth was used to transfer the small files which takes long time to send videos and other large files. In Android phone, you can transfer file within seconds or minutes with the help of sharing apps. We are going to discuss 5 Best file transfer app for android and iPhone.

Best share apps

We are giving you 5 Best file transfer app for android and iPhone below. These share apps are very famous and you can see one of these apps in every smartphones. However your point may be different.Shareit file transfer

Shareit file transfer

Shareit app is the best file transfer app for Android to Android and iphone. I am sure you must heard its name and your friend must be using this file transferring app. This app is very popular among the youth. It is available in the Play Store in Android and app store in iPhone. You can use shareit app to share installed android apk file transfer and all types of data that may be songs, videos, photos or document. Shareit app creates hotspot to transfer files without using mobile internet similar to xender.

You need only to tap the receive and send button to transfer the files within shareit app. It has built in filter by which you can see separate categories of APK, MP3, MP4, JPG files. You can play media files with built in player. You can also watch funny and trending videos using mobile internet connection. It has 5 million downloads and you can share files with the top speed of 20 mbps.

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advantages and disadvantages of shareit app

  1. It has extra feature built-in player.
  2. Share your own group.
  3. sharing funny and trending videos.
  4. too many ads.
  5. Smartphones get hang due to heavy ads.
  6. Xender

    Xender download
    100,000,000+ downloads

    Xender is also most popular file transferring app for android and iphone. Beside this, it works also on Windows phones. It works similar to the shareit app. Xender is widely used to transfer the files between android and iphone. You can download xender app from play store and iPhone store. It is also available for Windows phone and use Wi-Fi and hotspot to transfer the files. It transfer the files at the excellent speed. You can share APK file, music, JPG photos, audio and all other data to your friends phone. You need only to tap the send and receive button to use this app.

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