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4 Simple Tips To Lose Weight Based On Personal Experience

There are so many different kinds of weight loss diet out there, it’s can be a low carbs diet, no sugar diet, raw food diet and etc. But the best weight loss diet for you is the one that you can stick with it for a long time.

That is the key to your successful diet. Because a healthy diet is not a quick fix weight loss program. It’s your lifetime commitment. A healthy diet is a part of your lifestyle. If you manage to do this, that is the best weight loss diet for you.

I just want to share with you guys on how I start my own weight loss diet journey. It was hard to start actually, plus I am working from home (i have a lot of time to spend on my snack, this is the worse part!).

At that time I not sure where to start, should I go to the gym first? or start fasting? I stop eating my favorite food and just drink plain water. I make a drastic change to my lifestyle. After one month I start feeling tired, I feel like enough of this BS. I am not getting the result that I wanted.

Lucky me, I meet my old friends who encourage me to start over. She said that my biggest mistake is my drastic decision to change my lifestyle. It’s could work but it’s hard to maintain the momentum.

Here the list of the few tips that I got from my friend. I personally practice this and it changes my life. I’m very grateful to her for this and I hope my sharing could be some help for those people who face the same problem.

1- Make a clear objective of why you want to lose weight.

Everything starts with your mindset. Some of you maybe think this is not important. But trust me, this thing can give a huge impact on your weight loss journey. If you have a clear objective, you will be more motivated to achieve your target.

Write it down on a piece of paper/notebook, hang it up on your dream board or put it on your phone. Try to read it every single day. It looks like you reprogram your brain to accept your new dream. Whatever happens, whatever it takes, you want to achieve that dream!

Using hypnosis for weight loss also a good option to achieve your weight loss objective. It’s can help you to focus on your diet and control your food intake.

2- Planning and monitoring.

Stop eating your favorite food and drink plain water is not a good start. Don’t make a drastic change. Plan your diet, start by reducing your portion food intake. If you drink high sugar juices 5 times a day, reduce it to 2 times a day.

Try to add a healthy menu at least once a day. Do it step by step, make a small change for a long term commitment.

Write your own weight loss journal, just a simple one. This journal can monitor your food intake. Keep everything in your journal, this includes your breakfast, lunch, late-night snack schedule.

This method has been back up by medical journals. One studies shown that people who are monitoring their food intake are more likely to lose weight and maintain their body weight.

Plan your food intake for a week. Give a full commitment to follow your diet schedule.

3- Focus on process goals.

People often to set their outcome goal only, mean that the goal that they want to achieve at the end. Same goes to me when I start up, I only want to achieve the outcome goal. After one month I did not achieve my goal, I feel the distance, it makes me feel demotivated and tired.

That why I stop. Because I just want to see the end result. I did not appreciate the small things that I do to achieve the end result. Which is wrong, basically people fail because their expectation is too high. When the result is not as expected, it’s wrecking your motivation and give up.

Thus, you should set a process goal. A small goal that can make you achieve your bigger goal. As an example, you can set your small goal is to go to the gym 3 times per week, eat half a portion of your usual food intake, and more.

4- Find social support

Don’t try to do this alone. Find your weight loss buddy or find a good mentor/senior, ask them to help you. Tell your family members or your good friends, at least you got moral support from them.

My point is not to ask you to update your social media about what you want to do. But for you to find positive vibes, you need your social support. If you have a partner to share the same objective, it will help you a lot! You can hold each other accountable and encourage each other to achieve your goal.

Spend a little bit of your money to join an online/offline course. Join their group, ask for their opinion or help. It’s a very good idea to have a circle of the friend that share the same objective, share the same dream! You will encourage each other and feel motivated to become successful in your weight loss journey.

As a conclusion, the best weight loss diet is the diet that you can stick to it. Living a healthy lifestyle is not a quick fix diet program. It’s a lifetime commitment.

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