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3D blockchain game— DGEra Chain

Game overview

DGEra Chain (www.dgera.net) is a large 3D blockchain RPG game based on Ethereum, which plans to build a full-platform game. DGEra Chain aims to create the world’s largest blockchain sandbox game, dedicated to the application of blockchain technology to large 3D games, and the game is also the best landing scene for blockchain technology applications. Using blockchain technology, Dragon Era Chain will overturn the existing game industry.

In the early period of DGEra Chain, players will mainly dominate dragons. After this period, players can create their own character “dragon master”. The characters will have different races, with different racial attributes and talents. Players can switch between dragon and dragon master to complete the battle. choose one of them, and the other will be operated by the system AI.

DGEra Chain utilizes the characteristics of the blockchain, such as openness, transparency and cannot be falsified, so that the dragon can grow up on the Ethereum chain, which is completely open and transparent. The project party launched the founding dragon and dragon crystals at a fixed time as the underlying economic system of the game. And they intended to continue to develop a series of games with dragon as IP image.


Introduction to play

Players purchase the founding dragon through ETH, and each dragon has its own initial attributes. Players need to purchase items such as “Dragon Crystal” and “Meat” for dragon cultivation, mining and dividends. The higher the dragon’s level is, the faster the coin production rate will be. Dragon coin is the only path for the future DGEra Chain, and it will be launched on the global mainstream exchange.

In the founding period, DGEra Chain will distribute ETH to all users, and the platform will take out a corresponding proportion of operating profit every day and share the benefits with users. The basic principle of dividend distribution is to allocate according to the proportion of the number of dragon coins that the user has in the total circulation of the dragon. Namely, the more dragon coins are in the founding period, the more dividends are, and the dividends will double after the founding period!


The design of DGEra chain is quite elaborate. First of all, a multi-level founding dragon is issued within 60 days in the game. Each of the founding dragons is available for limited time. Secondly, the platform will open the trading market after 60 days, players can carry out the trading of dragon crystals and founding dragons. It can also pair and breed baby dragons and give the dragons to friends. When players who enter later want to have a dragon and participate in the game, they will continue to contribute to the users who have the founding dragon, avoiding the logical circle of the wool in the sheep. Users can increase the dragon’s level and increase the mining ability by continuously upgrading, trading, breeding and competitive, thus the added value of the dragon will increase. Visually, the dragon will have a certain premium and have a certain investment value.

Platform certification

Dragon Coin (abbreviation DG) is the certificate of the DGEra chain and it is

all rights for DG holding user. It is also the only currency in the DGEra Chain.

How to get the dragon coin:

  1. In the founding period, dragon coins can be obtained by mining, airdrop, etc.;
  2. After the founding period, it is obtained through the methods of fighting monsters, mining, upgrading, PVP, PVE, and copy;
  3. The Dragon Coin can be accelerated during the founding period, and the longer it is held in the founding period, the more one-time reward will be;

Six major advantages, leading the new height of blockchain game

1.Stable project:

DGEra Chain is an innovative blockchain project. It independently develops a new set of Ethereum-based development technology, which provides a complete fairness verification, game asset block chaining, user security digital wallet and the security environment of the digital currency payment channel for participating players. So it is undoubtedly a sustainable income project with transparent data, high trust and formal rules for participating players.


Each ID can only buy one founding dragon. Through a unique genetic algorithm, each founding dragon has its own unique genes and character. All genes and characters will be deployed on smart contracts to ensure fairness and uniqueness.


Every baby dragon has a fixed attribute from birth. The adult dragon can be used to pair and breed, and the new dragon treasure is the genetic combination of its parents. Each dragon is a unique individual.

4.Rare collection:

The collection value and appreciation space of the founding dragon is undoubtedly the biggest. Compared with the dragons that reproduced later, each founding dragon will become a treasure. In the process of collecting, breeding, trading and replacing, the founding dragon will be more like a “collector”, that is, it is not subject to the pricing of anyone, but the value of each dragon is determined by the player’s preferences and market demand.

5.Truly decentralized world

As a game community based on blockchain technology and driven by smart contracts, DGEra Chain will completely get rid of the control of the operators and achieve complete decentralized operation. The players will jointly decide the development track of the game world.

6.Global value distribution medium

Dragon coin will be launched on the top international mainstream exchanges.

Income interpretation

1. Collection value:

Founding dragon and dragon crystals will be issued within a limited time during the 60-day founding period.

2.New value circulation medium:

Players add energy to the dragon to get daily mining gains – Dragon Coin, the only currency on the platform. The higher the dragon level is, the higher the return will be. Besides, dragon coin will be launched on the global mainstream exchanges in the future.

3.High dividend:

DGEra Chain pays dividends to all participating players. The platform takes out a considerable proportion of game profits every day and shares the game revenue with the players. The basic principle of dividend distribution is based on the proportion of the number of dragon coins that the user has in the total circulation of the total platform. The much more that the number of dragon coins held by the player than the total number of dragon coins in the total platform, the more impressive dividend amount will be.

4.Currency reward:

After the 60-day start-up period, the platform will issue the corresponding currency-based rewards based on the total amount of dragon coins held by the player. The more coins you hold, the more rewards you will earn.

5.Doubled mining revenue:

The mining revenue will double after the start of the founding period.

6.Doubled ETH dividend:

Dividend income will double after the end of the founding period.

7.Trading market:

At the end of the founding period, the trading market will opened, the founding dragons and dragon crystals could be traded on the trading market as treasures.

  1. Perfectinnovation promotion mechanism

There are dozens of promotion tasks in the app, and it gives generous rewards far beyond the market in order to attract and encourage recharge users and players to promote themselves spontaneously. The more active promotions are, the more profits will be in order to seek for co-governance and co-prosperity between platform and users!


  • Future plan

▽ August 2019: The beginning of the founding period, DGEra Chain landed on iOS, Android.

▽ October 2019: The end of the founding period, issued currency rewards and opened the transaction of dragon coins and dragon crystals .

▽ November 2019:Open PVE mode, diversification of Dragon Coin

▽ November 2019:Dragon coins login exchange

▽ December 2019:Open the dragon master’s system

▽ January 2020:Open PVP system and fashion system

▽ February 2020:Release first DGEra Chain version in PC edition

▽ March 2020: Open the first large team copy

▽ May 2020:DGEra Chain launches the first large expansion set “Dark Land”

▽ August 2020: Speed the circulation of dragon coins

▽ October 2020:Open great mystery and peak level mode

▽ January 2021:Dragon Coin cuts production for the first time

▽ May 2021: The main website of DGEra Chain will be launched

▽ June 2021:The first batch of DAPP of DGEra Chain will be launched

▽ 2010: Perfect DGEra Chain’s ecology

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