Having a great compassionate relationship with your partner is a vital key to having a wonderful lasting relationship. Intimacy is key to a long lasting relationship with your partner. It is an emotional, spiritual, and physical feeling. In order for this to work two people must in turn work together to develop these feelings. It must rub off each other reciprocate to one another. Intimacy can be in many different forms and in this article we will talk about the 7 most common intimacies in a relationships where you can practice them.

  1. Conversations With Each OthersSpending 1 on 1 with each other is one of the best ways to be compassionate with each other because words can be a type of signal the body can interpret it in a positive manner. Also, speaking and telling each other about their days and being present is best way to transcend words.
  2. Physical Appearance

We all know we a set of routines once we start our day. But by keeping our physical appearance updated by working out and taking care of our bodies that will attract our partners to be intimacy automatically.

3. Sex

Bein intimacy with sex will develop a spiritual and physical connection with your partner because you become one. This ultimately will be the last type of intimacy that is effective and beyond all measures. If you are looking for more guides on relationships and love I suggest visiting them here

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