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24 Tips Using superbanswer & quora To Drive Traffic To Your Website/Blog

1. Add A Relevant Profile Bio

A Bio at Quora is nothing but a headline of your profile. You should select a Bio which best describes the topics you are going to cover.

You should be clear about what you are good at. If you are going to mainly write about content marketing, use a Bio “X Years Experience in Content Marketing” or “I Write About Content Marketing At My Blog www.superbanswer.com”.


2. Write Brief Profile Description

Superbanswer / Quora also lets you write a brief description about yourself. This is the place where you can include a link to your blog. I also include links to my blog’s social media profiles and contact page.

3. Link Your Social Account

Make sure to your social media accounts to superbanswer. This will help your contacts on social media to find you on superbanswer thereby increasing your number of followers.

Also, vice versa, it will help you get more followers on your social media accounts.

4. Add Relevant Topics In “Knows About” Section

You must select the right topics in the “Knows About” section under the Answer Tab of Quora homepage. Based on the topics you select in this section, Quora will compile a list of questions for you to answer.

5. Add Relevant Topics To The Feed Section

Apart from compiling a list of questions for you to answer, Quora also compiles a list of topics for you to read based on your interest. This allows you to get access to more questions.

You can edit these topics in the feed section of your Quora home page. You can choose entirely different topics for your Feed Section or may add the same topics as in Knows About section.


6. Preparing To Write Answers

Now that your profile is properly set up, you can now concentrate on driving maximum traffic to your Blog.

7. Select A Blog Post To Drive Traffic

Almost all the bloggers make one mistake. They straightaway look out for questions on Quora and answer it with a link to any random article at their blog, which they find to be relevant to the question.

However, if you are serious about converting your Quora visitors to regular readers, the first thing you must do is to make a list of your best articles that you feel are really worth linking to.

You certainly do not want your visitors to read a non-so-well-written article and leave your blog to never to come back again.

By linking to your best Article, you ensure that your visitors like your content and may even consider subscribing to your newsletter.

Also, as far as possible, try to link to an article which has a lot of Internal Linking.

8. Finding Questions To Answer

Once you have finalized the article you want to link to, the next step is to find relevant questions for answering.

There are many ways you can find questions to answer at Quora. Let us go through each type.

a. Search Quora
You can use Quora Search Bar to find a right question. However, this method will also give you outdated questions which no one is interested in. I personally use this feature very rarely.

b. Questions For You
A recently posted, followed or re-asked question is likely to get a lot of views. Such questions are displayed in “Questions For You” of your Quora dashboard.

As you can see in image below, there is a combination of newly asked, re-asked and followed questions. You may further want to shortlist these questions for answering, which we will discuss later

Quora Questions For You

c. Asked To Answer
Quora has an “Ask To Answer” feature wherein a questioner can ask a question to 15 people. When someone asks you a question, it will be shown in “Asked to Answer” section just below Questions for You section.

Initially, you will not find any questions in this section. But as your Quora Reputation increases, more questions will show up in this section.

At times, these questions may be totally out of context, yet, these are one of the best types of questions to answer.

This is mainly because, when you are answering a question asked by someone, it gives more authority to your answer and is less likely to be regarded as spam by Quora moderation team.

d. Questions In Your Feeds
Questions in your feeds are primarily meant for you to read. If you have selected the right topics in your feed while setting up your profile, you can see some relevant questions in this section

Quora Select Questions
Since the content, in this section is meant for your reading, it generally shows very popular content. Answers in your feed section are likely to get 10 times more views than other sections. As you can see in the screenshot above, just one particular answer got whopping 42.4k views.

However, with popularity, comes competition. You are directly competing with the best answers and unless your answer is really helpful, your answer may not even get noticed.

9. Shortlisting Questions Which Can Drive Traffic

So you now know how to find questions to answer. However, you certainly would not like to spend your time and energy answering questions which will receive only a few views and hence little or no traffic to your Blog.

So let us find out how to shortlist questions with a potential to drive traffic from the rest.

a. Check Followers For The Question

Quora enables its readers to follow a question they are seeking answers to. Its function is similar to following a status update on Facebook.

The thumb rule says, more the number of followers to a question, more popular the question is and so will draw a lot of visitors to it.

In addition, whenever you answer such questions, almost everyone following the question will receive a notification with a link to your answer.

Check the question What can I learn/know right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life? As shown below, it has over 35,417 followers. So whenever you publish an answer to this question, around 35,000 people will be notified about your answer.

Quora Most Followed Question
b. Check The Number Of Views
The number of views a question gets is another thing you must check while answering a question. There are many questions which have very few followers, yet they get a good number of views.

The question,” Is India Changing?”, as shown below has only 924 followers but has over 5.6 Million views. Also, as you can see, 275 people were viewing the question at the time I took the screenshot which indicates its popularity

Quora Most Viewed Questions
c. Quantity And Quality Of Answers Already Posted
While it may be exciting to answer the most popular questions, you must also check the number of answers already posted along with the quality of the top-ranked answers. This is because, at Quora, some popular questions can get too many answers.

The question What is the most amazing photo you have ever taken? had received 2903 answers at the time of taking the screenshot

Quora Most Answered Question
So if the other answers are too good and have received a lot of views, unless your answer is outstanding, it may be lost among the hundreds of other answers.

d. Number Of Views From The Last Day
For the trending answers, Quora shows additional information about the number of views the question has received in the past day. This information is shown both in your “Questions For You” section as well as when you see an individual question.

Quora Number Of Views last Day
10. Writing The Answer
Once you have your question, the next thing would be to write an answer. While there is no definite guideline on what type of answers get more views, the following things worked for me

11. Write Longer Yet Precise Answer

At Quora, longer answers which cover most topics are usually ranked higher. Having said that, from my experience I can say that people avoid reading very long answers especially if they are not formatted well and written in a single paragraph.

So do not try to elongate your answers just because Quora ranks it higher. Try to balance preciseness and length of the answer.

12. Use Bulleted Points

Answers with bulleted points have given me more views and upvotes than answers with longer paragraphs.

Bulleted answers can help your reader quickly scan through various points of your answer. Longer paragraphs may get boring when your reader has lots of possible answers to read.

13. Use Appropriate Images

Images, as most bloggers know, can draw the attention of users. Appropriate use of Images can get you more views than the ones without any image.

14. Write Helpful answer

You must make sure, that your answer is helpful to the questioner and other readers. If you do not address the questioner’s concern, they will not care to click on your blog’s link.

Moreover, your question may be downvoted. Too many downvotes will make Quora automatically hide your answer from others.

15. Be Honest To Your Readers

Alway be honest with your readers. Honest answers can get you more upvotes. It also helps you win the trust of your reader and can significantly improve the CTR to your blog links.

16. Adding Links To Your Blog

Quora frowns upon people who answer questions to promote their blog, products or services. So it’s very important that you put your links without using a sales pitch.

Try to write a helpful answer and include a link to your blog at the end saying “If you liked my answer, you may also find my XYZ article to be useful” or ” For more detailed and elaborate insights you can check XYZ article at my blog”.

You can also include links at the start or middle of the answer but do so in a way that your reader feels you are trying to help them by providing the link rather than promoting your blog to them.

Including links to other websites along with your website will make linking look more natural.

17. Moving Your Answer To The Top

A lot of people on Quora read only the top few answers for a question. In order to get more views, you must try to move your answer to the top.

Quora follows an algorithm which decides the sequence in which the answers are displayed. Though Quora does not reveal the actual algorithm.

18. Number of Views

More the number of views to your answer, more likely it is to be placed at the top.

19. Number of Upvotes

An answer which gets a lot of Upvotes is more likely to rank better than the one which gets lesser upvotes.

However, recent upvotes are given more weightage. So always makes sure to request your readers to upvote your answer at the end of each answer

20. Credibility of the upvoters

A lot of people use fake accounts to Upvote their own answer or some people buy Upvotes from websites like Fiverr.

Therefore, Quora gives less weightage to Quora profiles which are new or have very few questions as well as answers to their credit.

21. Preference To Most Viewed Writers

Quora adds a “Most Viewed Writer” badge to the top 10 Writers of each topic based on the number of views their answers get.

Since I am the most viewed writer in various Making Money Online categories, as soon as I post an answer in these categories, it gets placed near the top of the list, above several other answers with lots of views and upvotes.


22. Overall Credibility Of Your Profile

While my answer gets preference in topics where I am the most viewed writer, in other topics too my answers are usually placed somewhere in the middle and not at the bottom.

This is because my answers from various categories have received 142K views and 5,850 upvotes in the past 30 days. So Quora considers my answers to be more useful.

To improve the credibility of your profile, you can answer some questions which may not be relevant to your topic, but which you feel can fetch you a good number of views and upvotes.

23. Answer Some Questions Without Links To Your Blog

Including links to your blog in every post can send red signals to the Quora Moderation team. Therefore, you must write at least few answers which do not contain any link to your blog or elsewhere.

You may answer such questions from any topics you like. Quora can be a fun place too. So explore it.

24. Things To Avoid At Quora

Do not write irrelevant answers. If the questioner is asking about SEO, write only about Off Page SEO. Don’t include SEM.

Avoid posting irrelevant links which are totally out of context will make people report your answer as spam. Not only will this collapse your answer, it may even lead to your account getting banned.

Don’t copy paste the same answer on multiple Quora questions. Quora moderation team may delete all your answers including the original. They may even ban your account for spamming.

Do not downvote other people’s genuine answer to make your answer rank higher. If you downvote too many answers, Quora will eventually give lesser importance to your downvotes.

Though many people use affiliate links at Quora, it is better to avoid it as it is against Quora’s policy. So Quora may ban you for using your affiliate links
Final Words

Using Quora is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your Blog. It is especially a boon for new bloggers who struggle to get organic traffic to their blog.

If used correctly, it can drive regular traffic to your Blog. I still receive traffic from answers I posted 2 months back.

Have you been using Quora to get traffic to your Blog? Do share with us the strategies you use.

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