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16 calculator plugins for WordPress

But to make such a calculator yourself, you need to invest significantly. It is not soon to pay off, because many refuses such an undertaking. Calculator make your work easy we need calculator in normal and daily life like math, real estate, Binary Calculator But you could use a special plugin! There are many add-ons that allow you to add live-calculation of anything on the site. In this article, we will consider the most popular modules for the calculator and their features:

Mortgage Calculator Sidebar Widget

This plugin is intended for use on credit and banking sites. It is in this category of resources that users are most often interested in online calculation in order to visually see what they will receive and on what conditions. The specified module is a mortgage payment calculator. The user will be able to find out the amount of the next payment, as well as the balance of the debt, using this supplement.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Another plugin for calculating mortgages. Using this widget, users will be able to calculate the full amount of payment for their mortgage. The calculator calculates it using the following variables:


  • amount of debt
  • interest rate
  • mortgage term

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Financial Toolbox

This is a “double” plugin for WordPress, which will not only allow you to make calculations online, but also add an additional stream of information to the site. The module is intended for business portals on finance, stock markets and investments. The supplement is divided into two parts: a running line with the latest news from the world of finance, as well as a calculator for calculating loans of various types (not just mortgages). Not quite suitable for Runlet, as the news broadcasts in English, but nevertheless, the plugin is useful.

Net Worth Calculator

A great plugin for WordPress – adds a calculator to the site that allows you to monitor the flow of personal financial assets. People with large incomes will be interested to know where they spend the most, and where there are “holes” in the budget. After filling in all the points of this widget, an exhaustive diagram will appear in front of them, showing as a percentage all expenses and incomes.

Debt Reduction Calculator

Another debt calculator. Only he is “smarter” than his previous counterparts. This WordPress plugin gives you the opportunity to find out not only the amount of remaining debt, but also ways to quickly solve the problem. With it, the visitor will be able to find out how much he needs to pay in order to get rid of a painful loan or loan as soon as possible. To do this, the user drives in information about the characteristics of the loan, sets the deadlines – and receives a ready-made formula for solving his problem.

BMI Calculator Widget

This WordPress plugin has nothing to do with finance and is related to human health. Suitable for sites on sports, fitness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, etc. The calculator calculates the BMI body mass index using the weight and height of the person as source. The BMI parameter is very well known in the world, because such a widget will definitely be used!

Adele’s Zodiac Calculator

The following WordPress plugin is more targeted at superstitious people. This calculator displays widget information about specific visitors – the zodiac sign on the Chinese calendar, the characteristics of the sign, date of birth, etc. This is not the calculator that we used to see, but to get the specified information, the user must first enter his data.

Runner’s Log

A powerful multi-functional calculator that already has thousands of regular users. Post this plugin on your WordPress site, and some of these users will come to you and will visit the resource daily, increasing impressions. The popularity of the tool is provoked by its wide functionality – the Runner’s Log calculator calculates calories, running distances, training time, BMI index, predicted weight change and other useful statistics.

Blog or Website Value Calculator

The specified calculator is more necessary for you than for visitors. Blog or Website Value Calculator is a plugin for calculating the cost of a WordPress site. Counting is carried out automatically. The hosted widget will be visible to you and your visitors. Thus, you can demonstrate to everyone your growth, and show the successes that you have achieved. Webmasters who use this add-on assure that it brings remarkable motivation!

Math Calculator

When it came to the calculator, probably everyone who reads it, thought of a classic device for calculating mathematical data. The Math Calculator plugin does just that. Only now users will not need to go to the “Start” menu or take a phone to make calculations – they will be able to execute them right on your WordPress site. This is convenient, and if you take this opportunity correctly, you can significantly increase the ergonomics of your Internet resource.

TimeZone Calculator

If you mentioned time in another region somewhere in the article, you can help users navigate. Add the TimeZoneCalculator plugin, and visitors can find out the exact time in different parts of the world without leaving the page of your site. Thus, you will not lose traffic, but rather increase its flow.


Overweight Calculator

Another weighting calculator. This WordPress plugin also calculates body mass index. Its main difference is that in addition to the BMI index, it indicates the recommended weight for a person, as well as kilograms that you need to get rid of.

Love Calculator

Most likely, the name of the module has already interested you. Users will also be interested. WordPress love plugin is designed to determine the compatibility of partners by their names. Of course, the counting results are very controversial, but this does not reduce interest in such things. Visitors can find out in percentage their love compatibility by name of a partner. The only drawback of the widget is that the names must be entered in English.

Countdown Timer

This is a timer. It allows you to install countdown widgets on pages. You can specify the name of the event or event, and an unlimited number of hours for the countdown. The plugin can be used to remind users of something important: a webinar, a lecture, the start of an action, a holiday, etc. As a result, you do not have to constantly send out e-mails – many visitors will remember the upcoming widget due to the installed sidebar.


General Stats

This is a statistical calculator for the site. It is needed to show users detailed statistics on the number of different indicators on the site:


how many total users







words, etc.

Another similar plugin for WordPress is Post Stats. It also calculates the number of words, entries, etc., only still displays their minimum and maximum values.


Price Calc

At selling sites, this is one of the most important elements – a price calculator. You yourself can configure the plugin to contain up-to-date information on the product from the catalog. It will be very convenient for the user to immediately see the price. Indeed, the concealment of the cost of goods is one of the main causes of traffic leakage from the site.



Online calculation can be installed on a website of any format, whether it is a credit, financial portal, or a platform about health, sports and nutrition. In any case, the installed widget will be useful to users, and they will thank you by inviting your friends to the site!

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