Talking about mobile app promotion, paid app reviews do have their importance. There are other things you need to consider. I have listed down 15 methods by which you can get better results. Please have a look!

Ways to promote apps:

Unique content: To get more app downloads and reviews, you need to create a good quality content.

Press release:

You can also promote your mobile application via proper press release that will describe the useful and unique features of your mobile application.

Press release sharing:

You can also take advantage of Internet Press Release sharing. That’s how you can promote your content via blogs and other related online media resources.

Create a video:

Create a descriptive video that will describe the whole mobile application, and never forget to post that video on popular platform YouTube.


You can create a jingle so that people will remember your app name.

Trail offers:

If your app is paid, try to provide free trial offers to attract more and more users.

App launching ceremony:

If you have a budget, you can invite your friends and family members to the App launch party.

Invite big media networks:

Ever forget to invite big media houses to your mobile app launch party. They will broadcast your whole ceremony to the entire world.

Facebook fan page:

If you don’t have enough budget, you just need to create a Facebook page.
Those who don’t know about your mobile application will come to know via your Facebook page.
Connect your mobile application to your Facebook page so that people can comment it on their pages.

Create a blog:

For better marketing promotion, you can also create a blog, so that you can publish details about your mobile application and future updates there.


To better visibility of your mobile application, try to create a list of relevant keywords using Google Adwords. You can then use these keywords in your tags, ads and also in the website content.

2D barcode:

Try to create a 2D barcode in your advertisements. Also, provide users an opportunity to scan this code and to get the link to all the necessary information on your product.

App updates:

Try to publish your app latest updates and tell the users how your app got better with time.

Use better app feedback:

You can use Feedback as a tool to be published on your website to get more downloads.

Use direct mailing: 

You can also use direct mailing, just create and send emails to your regular customers to get the prospective results.

Bottom line:

So, what we have learnt today? What are the 15 ways by which you can promote your app. This promotional method enables you to get more downloads.

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