The art of embroidery designs is beautiful and touching. But, have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes. It is the embroidery machine and software that plays the magic role. 


In this article, we will talk about the necessary tips for embroidery machine maintenance you must be aware of to avoid any inconsistency in the embroidery digitizing process. 

What Is Embroidery Machine?

An embroidery machine is a sewing machine that is used to create artistic designs and patterns on different fabrics and textiles. 

Embroidery Machine Process

Machine embroidery is the process in which we make designs that can be print on different fabrics. In the simplest of terms, the process involves making stitches using the needle to make different designs. We use these designs in marketing, branding, advertising, and other commercial fields.


There are many reasons to buy an embroidery digitizing machine. One major benefit is the machine’s compatibility. You can keep it in a corner of the room and start your embroidery business. 


But with all the luxuries and comfort, it is important to get your machine up to date. This means you must take care of the maintenance of your sewing machine. Once you have the machine on the premises, it becomes indispensable to know how to operate it, troubleshoot, and how to keep it running smoothly. 


Here are ten important tips and tricks for embroidery machine maintenance.  

  1. Educate Yourself With The Machine 

It is crucial to learn how the digitizing embroidery machine works. You need to educate yourself with each and every part of it. You also need to know the basic troubleshooting to solve common errors. Every machine may differ in features. However, the basics remain the same. 

  1. Clean It. Cover It 

It is best to keep your machine clean and cover it when not in use. This remedy is universal. Machines demand care and safety. Covering the machine prevent it from dust and scratches. The embroidery machine has delicate parts. A little mishandling or a scratch can make matters worse.

  1. Use The Exact Needle Base

You need to use the right type of needle base. It is imperative if you want to have fine stitches. The embroidery needle should be according to the fabric type. The thin fabric needs a thin needle and a thick fabric needle a thick needle.

  1. Always Use The Right Bobbin

For a perfect stitch, you need to choose the right bobbin for the machine embroidery. In the end, all we need is the design that is smooth. A broken bobbin will be a hindrance for making perfect stitches. 

  1. Use Right And Simple Colours

Using the right combination of colour for the embroidery thread is always beneficial. It will help you to have a proper thread arrangement. It also saves your time as you re-threading will cost a lot of time. 

  1. Examine The Machine 

If the embroidery machine suddenly stops working, it is better to take a pause and check thoroughly. The errors are not always in the machine. The problems sometimes lie in the process. Maybe, there is a thread break or a problem with the bobbin case. So, check it firmly. 

  1. Oil Your Machine At Regular Basis  

Every machine needs oiling and service at regular intervals. Same goes for the embroidery machine. It is necessary to oil your machine as it may get corroded or rusted. Moreover, it helps in preventing thread breaks. 

  1. Unplug It When Not In Use

Have you ever kept the iron press plugged in after using it? Probably not. Same goes with all the machines including the digitizing embroidery machine. Unplug your machine when you aren’t using it. It can cause problems and can damage your machine. 

  1. Remove The Needle When Needed

Needles are the backbone for the embroidery stitches. You need to change the needle every couple of hours. There can be a slight difference in the timeframe between the home and commercial use of the machine. A poor needle or a bent needle is useless as you will get poor stitches. 

  1. Speak With Your Machine

To have a prolonged life for your embroidery machine, you need to listen and speak to it. It is impractical to spend money on a product that you don’t love. If you love digitizing, familiarize yourself with the language of your machine. Only then, you will be able to do the proper maintenance of your machine. 

Bottom Line

Machine embroidery is a simple process. Yet, it requires delicacy and expert hands. From choosing the right quality of the thread to using the right bobbin case, each part needs attention to details. Whether you a beginner or an expert quilter, the above-mentioned tips and tricks will definitely help you in the embroidery journey. 


If you still stuck or need help, in any case, feel free to take help from us. We have years of experience in embroidery digitizing field. Get the best advice from expert digitizers. 

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